The Caledonian Maritime Research Trust

To encourage interest in, and facilitate research into the maritime heritage of Scotland, particularly but not limited to the River Clyde and its tributaries and the Firth of Clyde and its lochs"

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Through Mighty Seas
Tim Latham

Through Mighty Seas

The Through Mighty Seas website covers the maritime history of the merchant sailing ships of the North West of England and the Isle of Man, through the period from the late 1700's until the First World War.
The history covers the area from Lancaster to the S of Morecambe Bay, and the Cumbrian coast to the Solway Firth, and includes the Isle of Man.
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Website dedicated to French Corsairs / Privateers
Jean Jacques Salein

French Corsairs / Privateers

The web site hosts a data base of :
5500 Ships.
5200 Ships Masters.
1100 Ship Owners.
Details of 1300 Captures.
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East India Company Ships
Andrea Cordani

East India Company Ships

Provides information on all the ships, voyages and seafarers of the East India Company's mercantile services.

  • Ships construction details, owners, service history, ultimate fate
  • Seafarers sea service, ships served on, personal details, biographies
  • Voyages dates of voyages, crew, ports of call, wrecks, captures, missing
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