Wrecks List
Total Records: 596
Name Nationality Location Date Lost
Manchester Commerce   British    1914 
Manchester Commerce   British  Tory Island Co Donegal  1914 
Audacious   British  Tory Island Co Donegal  1914 
James Williamson   British  Belfast Lough Co Antrim  1913 
Mary   British  Clare  1913 
Templemore   British  Ballycastle Bay Co Antrim  1911 
Cliftonian   British  Galley Head Co Cork  1911 
Lady Lilford   British  Entrance to Belfast Lough  1911 
Agate   British  Kenmare River  1911 
F.S.Ciampa   Italian  Clonakilty Co Cork  1910 
Twin Brothers   British  Dungarvan Co Waterford  1909 
Bedouin   British  Off Kinsale  1908 
Eliza Bond   British  South Bay Wexford  1907 
Leon XIII   French  Emlagh Point Quilty Co Clare  1907 
Morven   British  Shannon Estuary Co Clare  1906 
Lake Patos   British  Liscannor Bay Co Clare  1904 
Florence Petherick   British  Copeland Island Belfast  1904 
Sunbeam   British  Glenbeigh Co. Kerry   1904 
Salterbeck   British  Rosscarbery Bay Cork  1900 
Elizabeth Worthington   British  Waterford Harbour  1900 

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