Wrecks List
Total Records: 596
Name Nationality Location Date Lost
J & M Garratt   British  River Boyne Co Louth  1940 
Kalliopi s   Greek  Sheephaven Co Donegal  1940 
Mohamed Ali El-Kebir   British  175 nm west of Tory island  1940 
Troutpool   British  Bangor Bay Belfast Lough  1940 
Scotstoun   British  120 miles west of Inishtrahull  1940 
Carinthia   British  Tory Island Co Donegal  1940 
Leukos   Irish  Tory Island Co Donegal  1940 
Steinstad   Norwegian  Galway  1940 
Caerphilly Castle   British  Atlantic  1940 
Heronspool   British  Fastnet rock Co Cork  1939 
Rudyard Kipling   British  Clare Island Co Mayo  1939 
Davara   British  Tory Island Co Donegal  1939 
Fanny Crossfield   British  Strangford Lough Co Down  1938 
Victor   British  Galway Bay  1938 
Bangor   British  Ballyquintin point Co Down  1934 
Pasadena   British  Malin County Donegal  1932 
Pearl   British  Old Head of Kinsale Co Cork  1927 
Claggan   British  Off Co.Down  1923 
Guide ME II   British  Dublin Bay  1918 
Pretty Polly   British  Off Roundstone  1918 

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