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Name Nationality Location Date Lost
Nelson Wood   British  Carna Co Galway  1843 

Nelson Wood : 
Owner Robinson 
Flag British  Builder Kelsick Wood Maryport 
Port Maryport  Build Date 1826 
Official No   Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 310 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions  |  | 
Ships Role  Cargo Ship  Rigging Style Brig  
Super Structure
Wreck Location Mason Island Carna Co Galway 
Date Lost 27/11/1843  Captain William Ervin 
Cause Stranded  Crew Lost 10 
Position 53.18 N / 09.53W  Passengers Lost   
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The intelligence of the loss of this vessel and the lamentable sacrifice of life , was received at Lloyd's late on saturday afternoon :-

Stamp-office, Clifden, County Galway.

Sir I beg leave to give you the following melancholy account of the fate of the brig Nelson Wood her crew and cargo , of Maryport, bound from Demerara to Liverpool, 309 tons register.

She sailed from Demerara on the 18th ult., laden with 250 tons Greenheart timber, 180 cask, of sugar, 80 casks rum, and 60 casks or thereabouts of molasses. She stranded on Mason Island, on this coast, on the morning of the 27th instant, at half-past twelve am , and in about two hours went to pieces, and ten of the crew, including the captain, were drowned.The remainder of the crew, consisting of four men, were saved by drifting on shore on a piece of the wreck.

I have been this day on the spot where the piece of wreck and cargo came on shore, and have received these particulars from the unfortunate survivors. I fear little or none of the cargo will be saved, there being no agent for Lloyd's nearer than forty miles from this.

The owner of the vessel was Captain William Robertson, of Maryport. The shippers of the cargo sugar, rice, and molasses , Messrs. Murry and Brothers, Demerara of the Greenheart timber, Messrs. Clark, Sparks, and Co., of Tiger Creek, on the River Essequibo.

The names of the crew saved are William Maxwell, chief mate, William Bond, second mate, Archibald M'Furron, cook, of Scotland Thomas Reed, seaman, North of England.

The names of those drowned are William Ervin, Captain, John Wilkinson, Carpenter , Thomas Ellis, steward , James Kam, John Fletcher, Hector M'Allister, George Midicote, and Wm. Cullack, seamen and Wm.Indiane (or some similar name) and Edward ----- , boys.

(Signed) MARTIN R.LUST. To W. Dobson, Esq., Lloyd's

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