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Name Nationality Location Date Lost
Dalemain   British  Arklow Bank Co Wicklow  1862 

Dalemain : 
Owner David Laidman 
Flag British  Builder Robert Ritson Maryport 
Port Liverpool  Build Date 1851 
Official No 24129  Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 242 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions  |  | 
Ships Role  Cargo Ship  Rigging Style Barque  
Super Structure
Wreck Location  Arklow Bank Co Wicklow 
Date Lost 11/10/1862  Captain M.Williams 
Cause Ran aground  Crew Lost  
Position 52.48 N / 05.56 W  Passengers Lost   
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Intelligence was received in Liverpool on Friday, announcing the complete wreck of the barque Dalemain, belonging to Mesers. Imrie and Tomlinson of this port. The Dalemaine cleared at Liverpool on Friday week and left the port on Sunday bound for Guatamala with a general and valuable cargo consisting amongst other articles of a large quantity of hardware and arms and a valuable collection of sugar machinery. She had also upwards of 1,000/. worth of fine ales shipped by Mr. K. Aspinall of the Anchor Brewery Birkenhead.

The first intimation of the disaster reached Liverpool on Friday by telegram which stated that the ship had struck on Arklow bank and was likely to be a complete wreck but that the crew were saved and that a considerable portion of the cargo was also likely to be recovered.

Another message was received here on Saturday forenoon to the effect that a frightful gale was blowing with a terrific sea running and that the ship was fast breaking up. A tug-boat had been sent to her assistance but in consequence of the severity of the gale the tug could not approach the wreck and all attempts to save the remainder of the cargo beyond that which had already been secured in the boats was abandoned.

Freeman's Journal , Friday, October 24, 1862


Report from the Board of Trade Inquirey


Mr. O'Dowd Solicitor to the Marine Department of the Board of Trade held an inquiry this day at the Custom House into the circumstances attending the stranding of the brig Dalemain on Arklow Bank on the evening of the 15th instant. The court was composed of Mr. O'Donnell police magistrate Captain Harris and Captain Scott nautical assessors.

The inquiry was directed by the Board of Trade for the satisfaction of the parties interested and it was conducted under the provisions of the merchant shipping act 1854 and the merchant shipping amendment act 1862. The latter act materially ahers the functions of the marine courts holding inquiries such as the present.

Mr. O'Dowd before the evidence was gone into alluded to the provisions of the amended act of 1862 and stated that this was the first case that had occured under that act. The former practice was for the court at the end of the inquiry to forward the evidence and the report to the Board of Trade who subsequently gave their decision. Now however the court was enpowered at the end of the inquiry or after a reasonable term to decide whether or not the certificate of the master of the vessel was to be suspended or cancelled and the report with the decision of the court was to be forwarded to the Board of Trade.

The latter was made a sort of appellate tribunal having power to review the decision of the court below and to either re-issue the certificate if it had been cancelled re-issue it of a lower grade or lessen the period for which it had been suspended.

The inquiry commenced with the examination of Captain Williams the commander of the brig Delmane which was built in 1851 register 275 tons. The brig belonged to Hutchinson and Co. of Liverpool and sailed on the 11th inst. from Liverpool for Lanino Central America with a cargo of wines spirits beer machinery and general goods valued at 20000/. The vessel encountered hard weather in the channel and on the morning of the 17th inst. was in sight of Lambay. The weather became thick in the evening and at seven o'clock the brig stranded on the Arklow bank.

The captain Mr. M.Williams was an officer of skill and intelligence possessing the most satisfactory certificates. The evidence which comprised the statements of the captain and of several of the crew of the brig reference to the logbook &c. was of a purely technical character. The inquiry has not terminated.

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