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Langdale   British  Co Wexford  1879 

Langdale : 
Owner J.D.Newton & Co, Liverpool 
Flag British  Builder Potter Hodgkinson Liverpool 
Port Liverpool  Build Date 1874 
Official No 70854  Material Iron 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 1237 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions 226.3 | 36.4 | 
Ships Role    Rigging Style Barque  
Super Structure
Wreck Location Carnsore Point  Co Wexford 
Date Lost 27/09/1879  Captain Jenkinson 
Cause Wrecked  Crew Lost
Position 52.10 N / 06.22 W  Passengers Lost 
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Wexford, Monday.

The Langdale, which struck on the Barrel rocks and afterwards drifted ashore has become a total wreck but it is expected that some of the cargo which consisted of wheat will be saved. It appears that the night was very dark, wild, heavy rain falling.

On the vessel striking and the crew took to the boats. The captain's gig containing the captain his wife, three children the boatswain and six seamen was soon capsized and all were thrown into the water three of the men were washed ashore in a very exhausted state. Captain Jenkinson, his wife, and three children, Joseph Booth, boatswain, John Steele, Arthur Ederfield, Thomas M`Canomy, were all drowned. The remainder of the crew numbering twenty three who were in a large boat stood by the ship all night and were landed safe at Carne the next morning.

The Langdale left San Francisco on the 14th June bound to Liverpool, and had a very fine passage until the fatal occurrence. She was 1,237 tons net register and was owned by J. D. Newton and Co, Exchange Buildings Liverpool. Immediately on receipt of the intelligence William Coghlan Esq Receiver of Wrecks and Jasper W.Walsh Esq Lloyd's Agent proceeded to the scene to render assistance and at the time of sending this despatch neither of them had returned to Wexford.

It has not been ascertained what was the cause of the accident but during the last few years a great number of vessels in fact much greater than on the whole of the east Coast have been wrecked about this neighbourhood. From the Tusker to the south of the Lucifer lightship some very large ships have been wrecked and in the majority of cases it was attributed to mistaking the lights. Hardly twelve months ago the splendid mail steamer Idahoe went down by striking the Connigmore but the passengers and crew were more fortunate than in the present case but had to spend a night on the Saltee Islands without shelter some of the ladies being only very scantily dressed.

Five O'Clock.

Since writing the above intelligence has reached Wexford that the Captain's body and three of the seamen's have been washed ashore. The bodies of Mrs. Jenkinson the three children or the boatswain have not yet been recovered.


The ship Langdale which has been wrecked off Carnsore Point Wexford left San Francisco on June the 14th for Liverpool. She had favourable weather up till last Saturday night when owing to a thick fog and rain prevailing the lights were mistaken by the officers of the Langdale and the vessel struck the barrels.

Two boats were launched One contained the captain with his wife and three children the boatswain, six seamen, and a boy. This boat capsized and all in it perished except three of the sailors who were washed ashore. The other boat's crew safely effected a landing although not without great difficulty. The vessel lies two hundred yards from the beach. Liverpool telegrams announce that the Langdale has burst her decks amidships and is likely to become a total wreck.

Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser, Tuesday, September 30, 1879
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