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Inishtrahull   British  Kilkee Co Clare  1895 

Inishtrahull : 
Owner Clyde Shipping Company Glasgow 
Flag British  Builder D & W Henderson Ltd, Glasgow 
Port Glasgow  Build Date 1885 
Official No 90067  Material Steel 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 368 / 912 / 819 
Ship type Steam Ship  Dimensions 231 | 33.1 | 15.1
Ships Role  Passenger/Cargo  Rigging Style   2 Decks , 6 Bk Hds
Super Structure
Wreck Location Off Shore Kilkee Co Clare 
Date Lost 01/01/1895  Captain Thomas Whip 
Cause Lost at sea  Crew Lost 26 
Position   Passengers Lost   
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" On inquiry at the offices of the Clyde Shipping Company last evening, one of our representatives was informed that no intelligence of the where abouts of the Inishtrahull had been received, but it is said there are several places on the west coast of Ireland where she could have taken shelter with out the Captain being able to telegraph. No Intelligence has been received yet in Limerick as to the Clyde Shipping Company's missing steamer Inishtrahull which left Glasgow for Limerick on the morning of the 28th ult, and is accordingly now six days overdue.

The coastguards at Kilkee have telegraphed to the Receiver of Wrecks at Limerick stating that the port bow of a boat with brass plate marked "Glasgow" was picked up there yesterday, but whether this belonged to the missing steamer or not cannot yet be ascertained.

Glasgow Herald Friday January 4,1895


The Clyde Shipping Company have received no further intelligence of their steamer Inishtrahull which is now eight days overdue on the passage from Glasgow to Limerick . All hope of the safety of the Vessel has been abandoned. The following, is a list, prepared by the owners of the crew which is believed to have sailed with the steamer when she left the Clyde :-
Thomas Whipp , Master
Alex Greenlees , First officer
D.Robinson, Second officer
J.Cullan, carpenter
P.Mahoney, seaman
W.O'Brien, seaman
A.Anderson, seaman
W.Ingram, seaman
E.Johson, seaman
H.MacAfee, seaman
J.Crow, seaman
A.Beaton, seaman
R.Edmiston, first engineer
G.Cross, second engineer
F.Brodie, fireman
A.MacLeod, fireman
A.Drummond, fireman
J.M'Gowan, fireman
N.Blaney, firemen
J.Connachar, donkeyman
W.Bennett, winchman
D.MacIntyre, winchman
J.Maclaine, chief steward
J.Henderson, cook
Miss Wightman, stewardess
Mr Henderson is a native of Dysart, Fifeshire he is married and his wife and family reside in Glasqow "

Glasgow Herald Tuesday January 8,1895


Inishtrahull - On June 29, Messrs. David & William Henderson & Co., launched from their Meadowside Works Partick, a steel screw steamer of the following dimensions :- 231 ft. by 33 ft. by 17 ft. 9 in. moulded gross tonnage 970 tons.

The vessel which is built to the order of the Clyde Shipping Company, 21 Carlton-place, is fitted with all modern appliances has accommodation for 40 first-class passengers in the poop and is adapted for carrying cattle on the main deck, lower decks, and hold.

She will be fitted by her builders with triple-expansion engines of the most approved designs cylinders being 25 in, 37 in, and 58 in. by 4 ft length of stroke, indicating 1,200 H.P., and with a working pressure on boilers of 130 Lbs per square inch. A ballast tank has been fitted fore and aft with the most recent improvements for filling and discharging same.

On leaving the ways the vessel was named Inishtrahull by Mrs. James Cuthburt, of Bothwell.

The Marine Engineer August 1, 1885
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