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Colima   British  Dundrum Bay Co Down  1871 

Colima : 
Owner Workington & Harrington Shipbuilding Company 
Flag British  Builder J. Fell Workington 
Port Workington  Build Date 1859 
Official No 21334  Material Oak 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 227 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions 111.2 | 22.8 | 14.6
Ships Role  Cargo Ship  Rigging Style Barque  
Super Structure
Wreck Location  Dundrum Bay Co Down 
Date Lost 01/01/1871  Captain Matthews 
Cause Wrecked  Crew Lost  
Position 54.12 N / 05.48 W  Passengers Lost   
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The barque Colima , Matthews hence for Amapala Guatemala West Coast of South America was driven ashore in Dundrum Bay in a strong easterly gale on Sunday and is likely to be a wreck. A telegram states she is breaking up.

She has valuable general cargo despatched hence on the 29th of december by Messrs Ismay, Imrie and Co. The Colima is a barque of 227 tons built at Workington in 1859 is owned by Messrs Fell and Co of Workington .

Liverpool Mercury , Tuesday, January 3, 1871

The Barque Colima. This Barque from Liverpool for Guatemala which went ashore on the 2nd inst in Drundrum Bay, has suffered considerably her stern post being started and all her seams more or less so.

A quantity of her cargo (general) has been landed and is now being conveyed to Liverpool by the screw-steamer Lady Alice Kenlis Belfast.

In case of the Colima coming off in a fit state to cress the Channel the master has orders to tow her to Whitehaven.

The Belfast News Letter Tuesday, January 17. 1871

The Accident To The Barque Colima -- A telegram received in Liverpool on the 10th inst reports that the barque Colima which is ashore in Drundrum Bay is so such damaged that she is not worth repairing .

The Belfast News-Letter Monday, January 23, 1871
SV Barque Colima of
The Belfast Newsletter Monday, January 30 1871
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