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Coromandel   British  Cork  1871 

Coromandel : 
Owner Andrew Gibson & Co, Liverpool.  
Flag British  Builder Scott & Sons, Greenock, Westburn East yard 
Port Liverpool  Build Date 1843 
Official No 10516  Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 766 / 766 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions 135.4 | 28.7 | 22.4
Ships Role  General Cargo  Rigging Style Ship  3 Masted
Super Structure
Wreck Location Poor Head Cork 
Date Lost 01/01/1871  Captain Chapman  
Cause Stranded  Crew Lost  
Position   Passengers Lost   
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The ship Coromandel Captain Chapman which left Philadelphia on the 21st September last with petroleum for Queenstown, was wrecked at Sunday afternoon at Poor Head at the entrance to Queenstown harbour in a strong gale. Part of the cargo may be saved, Crew rescued. She was a ship of 766 tons, built in Greenock in 1843 and registered as the property of A.Gibson and Co, Liverpool.

Liverpool Mercury, January 3, 1871
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