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Monmouth Coast   British  Sligo  1945 

Monmouth Coast : Grania
Owner Coast Lines Ltd, London 
Flag British  Builder Ayrshire Dockyard Co Ltd 
Port Liverpool  Build Date 1924 
Official No 146413  Material Steel 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 396 nrt / 878 grt  
Ship type Steam Ship  Dimensions 200.4 ft | 30.6 ft | 13.3 ft
Ships Role  Cargo  Rigging Style   
Super Structure
Well Deck - Quarter Deck 128 ft - Forecastle 28 ft 
Engine by Ross & Duncan
T3cyl (17½",27½",45"x33"), 155nhp.
Two single ended boilers. 
Wreck Location Horn Head Sligo 
Date Lost 24/04/1945  Captain  
Cause Torpedoed  Crew Lost  
Position   Passengers Lost   
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Torpedoed off Sligo by U1305, on passage Sligo to Liverpool

Wreck located off Horn Head Donegal .

Record Created on  30/01/2014
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