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Empire Of Peace   British  Dundalk Bay Co Louth  1881 

Empire Of Peace : 
Owner Merchants Trading Co Liverpool 
Flag British  Builder Gass St,Johns, New Brunswick  
Port Liverpool  Build Date 1859 
Official No 41893  Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 1493 / 1549 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions 190.8 | 38.9 | 28.5
Ships Role  Cargo Vessel  Rigging Style Barque   
Super Structure
Wreck Location Annagassan Dundalk Bay Co Louth 
Date Lost 23/10/1881  Captain  
Cause Wrecked  Crew Lost  
Position   Passengers Lost   
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The Empire Of Peace of and from Liverpool for New Orleans drove ashore in Dundalk Bay Oct.23. The crew left the ship in their own boat. It is doubtful whether the Ship can be floated, but the cargo will probably be saved.

The Morning Post, London, Tuesday, October 25, 1881


On FRIDAY, 11th November, 1881 (on account of whom it may concern).

THE HULL OF THE BARQUE EMPIRE OF PEACE of Liverpool, 1,490 tons register, as it now lies on the Beach in Dundalk Bay, and about one mile from the village of Annagassan, Castlebellingham.
This fine vessel was metalled in October,1880, up to 16 feet is heavily iron-kneed throughout has iron lower masts, fore and mizen now standing ; one bower and stream anchor, and a quantity of chain cable

Also at same time and place the CARGO which consisted on leaving Liverpool of
10,400 Bundles Iron Hoop (cotton ties), weighing 243 tons 13 cwt.
1,000 1/4-. Boxes Tobacco Pipes.
6,793 Sacks Salt.
500 Tons Copper Dross.

Terms at Sale.
For, particulars, apply to F. F. CAMPBELL, Auctioneer,Dundalk.

N.B.- Annagassan is situated within one mile of Castlebellingham, on the Great Northern of Ireland Railway, and about six miles distant from Dundalk.

Freemans Journal, Friday, November 11, 1881

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