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St Francis   British  Clonakilty Bay Co Cork  1867 

St Francis : San Francisco , Saint Francis
Owner Francis Carreras Gibraltar 
Flag British  Builder  
Port Gibraltar  Build Date  
Official No 41497  Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 108 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions  |  | 
Ships Role  Cargo Vessel  Rigging Style Brig  
Super Structure
Wreck Location Muckross Clonakilty Bay Co Cork 
Date Lost 07/01/1867  Captain Guiseppe Garibali 
Cause Beached  Crew Lost  
Position   Passengers Lost   
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Greenfields Clonakilty. Jan.9 - The St. Francis Brig of and for Gibraltar from Swansea said to be leaky was run ashore in this bay on Jan.7 ; cargo will be saved : vessels back broken. On the same night another vessel came ashore at Galley Head supposed to be laden with sugar in boxes bound and fastened with raw bides : she is a total wreck ; no account of the crew.

The Standard, London Saturday January 12, 1867

Extract of an inquiry in to the loss of the St Francis at Clonakilty Co Cork

' On our arrival at Clonakilty, we forthwith made arrangements for holding an open court of inquiry at the Court-house of that town and communicated with the magistrates especially with Mr. Beamish on whose property the vessel came ashore the coast guard and the constabulary in order that those who were present at the wreck and were acquainted with the circumstances might be in attendance and give evidence.

We learn from an official copy (annexed) of the Content of the vessel which has subsequently been furnished to us by the collector of Customs at Swansea that she was known by the name of the " San Francisco," but that she was registered at Gibraltar as the " Saint Francis," of 108 tons, official number 41,497, Guiseppe Garibaldi master with a crew of 11 hands a cargo of 166 tons of steam coals; and that she sailed from Swansea for Gibraltar on the 21st of November last.

The master and the whole of the crew were foreigners and they left Ireland immediately after the disposal of the wreck and cargo we have therefore no information of the voyage after the vessel left Swansea nor have we been enabled to ascertain whether any disaster occurred between the 21st of November the date of her sailing (excepting that she was leaky) and the 7th of January when she was run ashore at Muckross in Clonakilty Bay for the purpose of stopping the leak.

It may be here observed, that the vessel was very old (App. p. 14), and that she was fastened and sheathed with yellow metal which throughout the evidence is called " copper."

On the afternoon of the 7th January she was standing into the Bay under canvas and she struck on the rocks then submerged and afterwards went over them about high water onto the strand which it was the captain's original intention of taking and there appears to be little doubt that had the weather continued moderate he would have succeeded in stopping the leak and proceeding on the voyage.

The intelligence rapidly spread abroad that there was a ship ashore and in a very short time a crowd of people had assembled For the purpose of plunder. The coast guard were on the spot when the vessel ran ashore (App. p. 20), and some of the county constabulary soon followed (App. p. 17) ; there was therefore no lack of diligence on their part on this occasion. And it is due to Sub-constable Shields to state that he volunteered to man the boat for landing the crew and that in so doing he lost his uniform when no one else would venture with Mr. Gallway in his gallant conduct on that occasion. The subsequent proceedings in regard to this vessel form the subject of this inquiry... '

(1867) Parliamentary Papers, Session 1867, Vol. LXIV, p.l. , p.3 (Internet). Available from: Library Of The University Of Southampton >> . Accessed 20.12.10

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