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Kingston   Canadian  Tacumshane Co Wexford  1867 

Kingston : 
Owner J.C.Cartwright, Kingston, Canada West 
Flag Canadian  Builder Built at Kingston, New Brunswick 
Port Quebec  Build Date 1866 
Official No 53899  Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 1201 nrt / 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions 186.0 | 37.0 | 23.3
Ships Role  Cargo  Rigging Style Full Rigged Ship  
Super Structure
Wreck Location  Tacumshane Co Wexford 
Date Lost 06/01/1867  Captain Lewis 
Cause Abandoned  Crew Lost  
Position   Passengers Lost   
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The large vessel reported as having come ashore at Tacumshane on Wednesday morning would seem to be the Kingston of Quebec as that name is painted upon a life-buoy and also upon a piece of board found amongst the debris of the wreck. She is broken into pieces in fact it was in pieces she came ashore.

She was a perfectly new vessel copper-bottomed and copper- fastened and it is judged from the length of her beams one of them being 33 feet that she was about 1,000 tons burden. It may perhaps lead to her identification to mention that her hull was painted black with a red ribbon under her bulwark. None of the cargo has come ashore with the wreck and though there were probably 20 hands on board no bodies have been found.

The Belfast News-Letter , Monday, January 14



On Friday a schooner named the Anne Contain Shaw with the crew consisting of twenty three men of a vessel which he picked up off the harbour arrived here their vessel having foundered.

The Anne was on a voyage from Liverpool for Gaboon Africa with a general cargo. It appears the Kingston the vessel which foundered commanded by Captain Lewis left Liverpool on the 2nd January on a voyage to Valparaiso with a cargo of salt From the start she experienced bad weather coming in from the full force of the gale yesterday week.

On the third day Of the voyage the ship reached a point thirty miles S.E. of Ballycotton when the wind blew fearfully from the south-eastward during which the vessel's topmasts were carried away. The wind continued to blow furiously and in a short time the ship sprang a leak and after some working at the pumps they became choked which rendered them utterly useless in keeping down the water.

Captain Lewis was superintending the clearing away of the wreck which was strewn about the deck after the top-masts were carried away when a sea washed over the decks carrying a spar which was ring bolted to deck and striking the Captain breaking both legs. The unfortunate man had hardly received this injury when another befel him A large rope which was fastened to one of the spars and tightened at the bulwarks on a bolt became loosened by the same gust of wind that swept the spare spar along the deck and unfortunately as it should occur Captain Lewis in his helpless condition was driven into the angle Made by the bulwarks and the rope running in to the spar. The sail was blown in the opposite direction the ropes tightened and the consequence was that Captain Lewis was crushed between the rope and the bulwarks causing instant death.

Shortly after this melancholy occurrence the Volunteer for Valparaiso spoke the Kingston and her captain seeing the state of the. ship she making water fast and no means of pumping it out advised tbe mate in whose charge the vessel then was to abandon her and go on board his ship. This offer was declined as the mate did not think the ship in imminent danger and he resolved with the sanction of all hands to stand by the ship for a short time. This was early on Saturday and the Volunteer went on her course the crew of the Kingston thanking the captain for his kind offer.

Throughout the day the ship continued to make much water and in the evening another vessel which proves to to be the Anne hove in sight. Signals of distress were made and the Anne came to. The mate of the Kingston requested the captain to lay to till Morning but this be declined to do telling them to get on board his ship as soon as possible probably thinking that it was the safest course which subsequently proved to be the case All hands then got in to the boats and had barely time to get to the side of the Anne when their ship disappeared. The crew had not time to save a single article of clothing or any other property they might have on board and they are now at the Queenstown Sailor's Home completely destitute.

It was quite dark before the crew of the Kingston were on board the Anne and the captain of the latter mistook the Ballycotton light for the Fastnet Rock light and in the morning he found himself going into Waterford harbour. On discovering his mistake Be immediately returned and arrived in the harbour yesterday morning. The Kingston was a very fine ship being 1201 tons register and the belonged to Newfoundland shipowners whose agents at Liverpool is the firm of Gladstone and Co. - Cork Examiner.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, January 15, 1867


Crew Agreements for 1866-67 are held at Maritime History Archive >>

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