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James Matheson   British  North Bay Co Wexford  1844 

James Matheson : 
Owner Prowse & Co 
Flag British  Builder Built at Dartmouth 
Port Liverpool  Build Date 1836 
Official No   Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 408 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions  |  | 
Ships Role  Cargo  Rigging Style Full Rigged Ship  
Super Structure
Wreck Location Raven Point North Bay Co Wexford 
Date Lost 08/11/1844  Captain Cushing 
Cause Ran Aground  Crew Lost  
Position   Passengers Lost   
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WEXFORD, Nov. 8. James Matheson, Cushing from Liverpool for China was driven on shore this morning on the North Bay of Wexford, where she lies in the surf with fore and mainmasts cut away and fills with the tide.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, November 15


We have received a letter from Mr. Edmund Ella, youngest son of the late Mrs. Ella of this town stating that the James Matheson of which he was steward was wrecked off Raven Point on the Irish coast on Friday morning last about half-past five. The vessel was bound for China with a cargo worth £35,000.

It was blowing very heavily at the time and the vessel filled in ten minutes after striking the sea too broke over the ship so strongly both fore and aft as to wet their powder and prevent them from firing guns of distress or getting out their boats.

All gave themselves up as lost and after they had been assembled by the Captain for prayers waited in anxious suspense till daylight, then one of the crew as the storm had subsided a little swam ashore with the life-bouy and a rope and at last the boats were got out and all reached the shore in safety. The only accidents were that the carpenter had two of his ribs broken and M r. Ella his nose hurt when the masts went over board. Best part of the cargo will be saved but in a damaged state.

The Leicester Chronicle, Saturday, November 16, 1844
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