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Name Nationality Location Date Lost
Vesper   British  Dublin  1876 

Vesper : 
Owner Huntley & Berner Glasgow 
Flag British  Builder Courlay Bros Dundee 
Port Hartlepool  Build Date 1865 
Official No 52569  Material Iron 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 385 / 478 
Ship type Steam Ship  Dimensions 170.3 | 26.1 | 14.8
Ships Role  Cargo Vessel  Rigging Style Schooner  
Super Structure
Wreck Location Kish Bank Dublin 
Date Lost 13/01/1876  Captain J Tolson 
Cause Ran Aground  Crew Lost  
Position 53.16 N / 05.55 W  Passengers Lost   
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Yesterday a screw steamer bound from Glasgow to Dunkirk ran on the Kish sandbank. The steamer was the Vesper, 60.horse power, laden with a cargo of 620 tons of coal and sugar, in command of Captain Tolson with a crew of 18 hands and belonged to Messrs. Huntley Berner and Co, of Glasgow.

The ship left Glasgow the previous night at 10 o'clock. The captain was on watch at the time the vessel struck. She began to fill and all efforts to get her off having failed, he ordered signals of distress to be made. A large fire was lit on the deck with paraffin oil and blue lights were burned from the masthead. The vessel was not observed by any of the life-boats crews or coastguard along the shore, although the weather was perfectly clear.

A heavy sea Was running at the time and as the ship began to settle down the sea washed over her decks. In three hours the water rushing in forced up the hatchways upon which the crew had to take to the boats. One of them was stove in and the port boat was washed off the ship. The only remaining one to which the crew had to take was the starboard.

The crew say that before leaving a steamer passed in sight shortly before seven o'clock without paying any attention to their helpless condition and soon after another steamer and a fishing smack pasted few miles off and left them in the same plight. The crew and captain numbering fourteen men left the ship about eight o'clock in the boat and steered for land which was about twelve miles off and they arrived in Killiney Bay about eleven o'clock when they were assisted by same men, and were provided with railway tickets for Dublin by the Station Master and afterwards put up at the Sailors Home.

Freeman's Journal, Friday, January 14, 1876
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