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Tubal Cain   Canadian  Tory Island Co Donegal   1874 

Tubal Cain : 
Flag Canadian  Builder Built at Shelbourne NS 
Port Shelbourne NS  Build Date 1862 
Official No 42793  Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 222 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions 116 | 27 | 12
Ships Role  Cargo Vessel  Rigging Style Barque  
Super Structure
Wreck Location 100 nm North / West of Tory Island Co Donegal  
Date Lost 02/03/1874  Captain  
Cause Abandoned  Crew Lost  
Position 56.30 N / 10.20 W  Passengers Lost   
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Lerwick, April 6. On the evening of the 1st instant the master and crew of the barque Tubal Cain of Shelburne Nova Scotia arrived here from Faroe by the Danish mail steamer Diana which called on her return voyage to Copenhagen. The Tubel Cain M'Bride left Liverpool on February 14th last with a cargo of coal for Limerick.

On February 23 when about 30 mile N.N.W of Achill Head the wind came from the south and increased until about midnight when it blew a storm. The ship was heaved to heading E.S.E and sails were reduced to the main staysail there was a heavy sea causing the vessel to labour and make water. She continued driving until about 5 p.m on the 26th when the mainmast gave way the crew having to cut away the rigging to clear the mast from injuring the ship.

During the same evening the water casks were swept off the vessel leaving about 12 gallons of water on board and at the same time the cutwater was carried away the vessel still continuing making water. On the 27th the foremost went overboard. On the forenoon of the some day the wind gradually decreased until the 1st March when there was a smooth sea. The leak however still continued, the ship making water at the rate of six inches per hour.

On the 2nd ult the French fishing vessel Leverette in answer to signal bore down to lee of the Tubal Cain and took the master and crew on board. At the time they left their vessel there were from two to three feet of water in her hold, and the crew were exhausted from exposure and labour at the pumps.

When they left her the position of The vessel was 56.30 N lat and 10.20 W long. The Leverette carried the master and crew to Thorshaven, Faroe, from whence they arrived here as we have already stated. While in Faroe they were all kindly treated. They left by the St.Magnus this evening for Belfast to which place most of them belong.

Western Mail Cardiff,Saturday, April 11,1874
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