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Calgarian   British  Rathlin Island Co Antrim  1918 

Calgarian : 
Owner Allan Line S.S. Company Ltd Glasgow 
Flag British  Builder Fairfield Govan 
Port Glasgow  Build Date 1914 
Official No 136277  Material Steel 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 17515 G 
Ship type Steam Ship  Dimensions 570 | 70.3 | 42
Ships Role  Armed Merchant Cruiser  Rigging Style   
Super Structure
Wreck Location 8 NM North Of Bull Point Rathlin Island Co Antrim 
Date Lost 01/03/1918  Captain  
Cause Torpedoed And Sunk  Crew Lost 48 
Position   Passengers Lost   
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The Admiralty announcement concerning the Calgarian is as follows:-
His Majesty's armed mercantile cruiser Calgarian (Captain Robert A. Newton, Royal Navy) was torpedoed and sunk on March 1. Two officers and 46 men (including Mercantile crew) were lost.
The next of kin have been informed.




The Calgarian was torpedoed and sunk off the North Irish coast last Friday. She had on board a mercantile crew of 450 men and in addition 160 naval ratings and was escorted by destroyers and trawlers. The day was beautiful and everything went well until the afternoon when at about 4 o'clock without any warning the ship was struck by a torpedo near the forward boilers. The interior of the ship was immediately plunged into darkness as the electric lighting arrangements were disorganized by the explosion.

Those below came on deck and there was no panic among the men whose behaviour was splendid. Immediate steps were taken to ascertain the extent of the damage with the view of saving the ship and while this work was in progress two more torpedoes were fired in quick succession. The latter hit the vessel and exploded in the engine-room. The decks were damaged and several of the lifeboats Were blown to atoms. The force of the explosion was such that several men were blown off the decks into the water and many were injured by flying splinters.

The work of disembarking was carried out quickly the accompanying destroyers rendering admirable service. Over 400 men were landed at Larne and about 20 of them were seriously injured and had to be conveyed to hospital. Other survivors were taken to other ports. High tribute to the coolness and courage of Captain Newton was paid by all the survivors. He was the last man to leave the sinking vessel.


The Calgarian was the second largest ship and the newest in the Allan Line fleet which is controlled by the Canadian Pacific Ocean Services Limited. She was of 17.510 tons gross and was built by the Fairfield Company in 1914 for the mail and passenger service between Liverpool and Canada. It was only within recent Years that a vessel of her size could navigate the St. Lawrence. She was built with a cruiser stern was driven by steam turbines and quadruple screws and could steam 20½ knots.

The Times, Thursday, Mar 07, 1918
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