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Alcibiades   Greek  Ballyteigue Bay Co Wexford  1852 

Alcibiades : 
Flag Greek  Builder  
Port Andreas  Build Date  
Official No   Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 270 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions  |  | 
Ships Role  Cargo Vessel  Rigging Style Brig  
Super Structure
Wreck Location  Ballyteigue Bay Co Wexford 
Date Lost 28/12/1852  Captain  
Cause Driven Ashore  Crew Lost 13 
Position   Passengers Lost   
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The following particulars of a very melancholy and fatal shipwreck on the coast of Wexford is from a correspondent of the Waterford News ;

About half past seven o'clock on Wednesday morning a Polacky rigged brig was seen running through Bannow Bay right before the wind which was blowing a hurricane at the time from S.by W. she passed outside the Kewe Islands which lie about a mile and a half from the Bannow Shore. When she had some distance passed these Islands, she found the Burrow of Ballyteigue lying right a head, when she was but about and hauled close by the wind, and fetched up close under the shelter of the Islands, and cast anchor and very soon grounded on a shoal called the Bridge about a quarter of a mile in shore from the larger of the Islands.

An attempt was then made about nine o'clock to land the crew two of whom made for the shore in the small boat and were upset and drowned about half way between the ship and the mainland.

About half-past 10 o'clock the fury of the sea appeared to abate a little, and we could see the long boat lowered with two men in her and for some time efforts appeared making to get the remainder of the crew in to the boat; but we could only see three in her at every time and for more then an hour they seemed to contend with fearful chances against the fury of the sea. Which at this time began to increase till it danced in pyramids of foam round the doomed ship and at nearly 12 o'clock the boat swamped and three more human beings lost their lives.

We could then descry five men more standing on the weather quarter of the brig; it was then within half an hour of low water and no hope appearing but the strength of the ship, the men appeared to leave the quarter deck and go below perhaps for refreshments.

At three o'clock a.m. wind unabated and the tide had risen so as to beat right over the Hull which did not appear to float and we could descry the five hands still living making their way up the rigging, and the brig to drag her moorings very slowly on towards the shore.
At ten minutes to four o'clock, p.m., the main mast fell over and seemed to part the vessel amidships. In five minutes more the foremast on which the last had clung to life fell over and all were gone. Ten had perished and the ship sank away from our view amid the waves and the darkness of night.

During all that time no effort could be made to save them, although at least a hundred strong and willing arms were ready to do aught that in them lay. The wind and sea were so dreadful that no boat could attempt to leave the shore. About six o'clock in the after-noon high water, the hull, spars,&c., began to land, and about eleven o'clock at night, parties were able to get on land what of the hull remained together; but no body was found nor name of the vessel - nor any certainty of what her cargo was.

Some few articles of clothing found, show her to have been Greek Vessel and a few grains of Indian corn also found make it probable that she was laden with that grain.

Daily News, London, Monday, January 3, 1853

Voyage Galatz to Queenstown with Maize
Wind W.S.W Force 10
Crew 13 lost
Ballyteigue Bay came on the rocks and went to pieces

Report From Admiralty Register Of Wrecks 1852
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