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Lady Harriet   British  Bray Head Co Wicklow  1852 

Lady Harriet : 
Flag British  Builder  
Port Chester  Build Date  
Official No   Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 100 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions  |  | 
Ships Role  Coaster  Rigging Style Schooner  
Super Structure
Wreck Location  Bray Head Co Wicklow 
Date Lost 12/11/1852  Captain Evans 
Cause Driven Ashore  Crew Lost
Position   Passengers Lost   
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Melancholy Shipwrecks On The Irish Coast.

The rumours which were rife on Friday evening with respect to the vessels which had been lost on Bray Head unhappily proved to be too true. On Friday morning at about half-past 3 o'clock the coast guards on duty near Greystones discovered a vessel which subsequently proved to be the Lady Harriet schooner of Chester close to the shore.

When first seen at low water her masts were standing and her crew five in number were seen lashed to to them. The waves however broke over them with great force and no effective assistance could be rendered them. She knocked about from that until high water at 10 o'clock when her foremast went overboard carrying with it four of the sailors.

The captain however still clung to the mainmast and was somewhat sheltered by a portion of the sail which he had managed to fasten to the weather side of the mast so as in some measure to break the force of the waves which were at this time sweeping over the wreck with teriffic violence. He must evidently have been a man of great coolness and determaination for he was plainly seen to cut away a portion of the rigging which was in danger of falling on him and also to kick away a spar with his foot.

At length however the sail gave way and he dragged away with it, but managed by means of the lashings with which he was made fast to the mast to regain his former position where he held on for some minutes longer. The mainmast however was finally carried away dragging with it the gallant sailor who disappeared from the sight of all on shore. To their great astonishment however he was in some minutes again seen close to the shore walking stoutly on the sand but a teriffic wave overtook him and swept him again amongst the surging billows.

Again he managed to regain his feet and a man with a rope round his waist the end of which was retained by those on shore made desparate but fruitless efforts to reach the brave mariner who had by this time nearly succeeded in gaining the shore when a second wave far more terrific than the former one and which appeared as if specially sent for the purpose swept him off his feet and he was no more seen until picked up in some hours afterwards a lifeless corpse amongst the rocks near the shore.

One of the ill-fated crew was picked up with the life scarcely in him and removed to the house of Mr.Scallins where he was treated with every kindness and was placed under the care of a medical man under whose treatment he rallied a little but sank again and died at 10 o'clock the same night as was supposed from the effects of several internal injuries. Two other bodies came on shore in the course of the next day but the fifth had not been found up to late on Saturday evening. The deceased men were all supposed to be Welch. Their clothes had either been washed off by the fury of the tempest or torn off by the cords with which they had been lashed to the masts for so many hours.

The ill-fated vessel was laden with coal and went to pieces in the course of the next day. Lieut Forbes with the men of the Coast Guard were most active in preserving such property as could be found as well as in looking after the bodies in which duty they received most efficient aid from Mr. Jones and the constabulary force in the neighbourhood. An inquest was to have been held upon the bodies on Saturday by Mr. Hudson of Arklow.

Daily News London, Friday, November 19, 1852

Lady Harriet
Chester to Waterford with Coal, Wind Easterly. Force 10 Weather Thick, 4 a.m low-water
Drummonds Hill near Dublin
Drove on shore through stress of weather and loss of canvas no means of saving life near. Evans, Mr.

Admiralty Register of Wrecks 1852
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