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John Toole   British  Arran Islands Co Galway  1852 

John Toole : 
Owner John Toole 
Flag British  Builder Built at Nova Scotia 
Port Liverpool  Build Date 1850 
Official No   Material Hackmatack Spruce & Birch 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 822 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions  |  | 
Ships Role  Cargo / Passenger  Rigging Style Full Rigged  
Super Structure
Wreck Location  Arran Islands Co Galway 
Date Lost 01/02/1852  Captain Thompson 
Cause Foundered  Crew Lost 25 
Position   Passengers Lost  10 
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SHIPWRECK.- A large number of bales of cotton have during last week been drifted into Liscannor and the surrounding parts of the coast evidently portions of the cargo of some merchant vessel which has perished in the late storms. Different parts of the vessel have also been cast in upon the shore, but nothing which could afford any information as to the name of the ill-fated vessel or its destination. - Clare Journal

Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser, Wednesday, February 4, 1852

SHIPWRECK.- During the past few weeks large portions of wreck and several bales of cotton have been cast on shore at several places along the bay and coast. On Friday a gentleman named Toole from Liverpool arrived here who on proceeding out to Barna found an arm of a figure-head and portions of the cabins from which he was able to discover that the wrecked vessel was the John Toole of Liverpool his own property bound for that port from New Orleans.

A water tank with the name of the maker on it was also found which left no doubt as to the identity of the unfortunate vessel. One portion of the cabin fittings which drifted ashore had inscribed on it "Mr. O'Mara's berth." The John Toole left New Orleans about the 25th of December with a cargo of cotton ten cabin passengers and twenty five hands on board. It is to be feared that all these persons have met a watery grave as not one of them has been heard of nor has there been the slightest trace of them up to the present time.

The John Toole was a fine ship and registered 863 tons burden. Mr. Toole has proceeded to Ballyvaughan and along that coast to gather what information he can regarding her. How or when the melancholy accident occurred remains a perfect mystery. - Galway Mercury.

Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser, Tuesday, February 10, 1852


The Galway Vindicator says:- "On Sunday last the body of a female floated ashore near Liscannor on the county Clare coast. Mr. Toole the owner of the vessel who chanced to be in the neighbourhood at the time recognized the body to be that of the wife of a cooper who was a passenger in the ill-fated John Toole. This cooper had been in Mr. Toole's employment and some time ago emigrated to America but not succeeding there as he expected was along with his wife returning again to Liverpool of which we believe he was a native. The body was interred on the shore. The life-boat and other articles connected with the vessel have been picked up during the week in the same vicinity."

The Morning Chronicle,London, Friday, February 13, 1852
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