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Young England   British  Balbriggan Co Dublin  1852 

Young England : 
Owner Fretwell  
Flag British  Builder Built in Hull 
Port Kincardine  Build Date 1844 
Official No   Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 408 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions  |  | 
Ships Role  Cargo Vessel  Rigging Style Barque  
Super Structure
Wreck Location Braymore Point Balbriggan Co Dublin 
Date Lost 14/11/1852  Captain Robertson 
Cause Stranded  Crew Lost
Position   Passengers Lost   
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Sir - A Scotch Barque, named Young England, homeward bound from Singapore to Liverpool with a general East India cargo, went ashore last night at six o'clock a half mile to the north of Balbriggan in Bremore bay. As soon as her minute guns and bells were heard Mr. Barrett Coastguard officer his son, and all his men were in immediate attendance and when the vessel was found to be ashore in a dangerous part of the bay near or as it was then thought on a dangerous reef called the Carabates Mr. Barrett placed one of his men on the point of the rocks at each head land of the bay and then stood himself in the centre where a small boat with the crew could land in safety on a sand beach and he there kept up for three hours a shower of rockets and blue lights so that a good landing place was clearly pointed to the shipwrecked men.

Mr.King of Bremore sent down straw and a great fire was made of the broken part of the wreck to assist in guiding the sailors however no boat came and the officer and sailors began to fear it was a bad business that the men had taken to the rigging and perhaps the barque was going to pieces.

The Rev A.Synge, Mr.Barrett and his son, some of his men and some of the sailors of the town thereupon manned a boat belonging to Mr.Hamilton and put out to the wreck in the teeth of a fearfully heavy sea and with a vast deal of toil difficulty, and danger the wreck was reached and nine of the crew taken to shore in safety. The gallant old sailor and his intrepid crew again returned to take off the remainder but the tide ebbed so fast in the meantime that nothing but breakers were about the wreck so they were obliged to put back but as soon as the tide began to flow the bravo crew again faced a dreadful sea but after getting to the wreck they found it impossible to approach her closely.

The small boat was then rowed into deep water and kept there for more than two hours in great danger waiting for the tide to deepen round the wreck. At last about eight o'clock this morning they approached and after sailing round and round for at least fifty times they at length got the remaining six men safe.

I regret to say that three men are dead on the wreck. One poor fellow William Sudbury of the Royal Marines who died of fatigue is still visible with his arms clasped in death round the bowsprit another poor man named Jackson of Chatham was drowned striving to get ashore in the small boat. A lady has been washed ashore near Skerries. The sea is settling down. It is now (two o'clock) Very fair.

There is a murmur here loud and deep against the government. It is too bad that there should he no safety harbour from Cork to the Lough of Belfast, and not one life boat from Malahide to Drogheda.
Faithfully yours
Balbriggan. Monday Evening. A SUBSCRIBER.

Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser Tuesday. November 23 1852

Balbriggan Harbour - Stranded N. of having mistaken a light ; the light of Balbriggan being too strong for a harbour half-tide light and being useless as a leading light. Robertson, Mr.

Singapore to Liverpool Crew 16 lost 2, General Cargo, Wind E/S/E - F9, Weather Thick 6 p.m

Admiralty Register of Wrecks 1852

Nov 14. The barque Young England of Glasgow came on shore during a heavy gale of wind from the east and a dark night off Balbriggan Mortella Tower coast of Dublin. After three attempts which occupied six hours 16 of the crew were rescued from the rigging two others having been drowned.

Reward the silver medal to Mr. Wm. Barrett, R.N. chief officer of Balbriggan Coast-Guard station, Mr. Wm. Barrett jun, and the Rev Alexander Synge, and 5L. to five other men.

Life Boat Journal May 1853
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