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Name Nationality Location Date Lost
Amy   British  Clonakilty Bay Co Cork  1852 

Amy : 
Flag British  Builder  
Port London  Build Date  
Official No   Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 450 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions  |  | 
Ships Role  Cargo / Passenger  Rigging Style Barque  
Super Structure
Wreck Location Barryscove Clonakilty Bay Co Cork 
Date Lost 22/03/1852  Captain Robert Drury 
Cause Driven ashore in a gale  Crew Lost 14 
Position 51.35 N / 08.47 W  Passengers Lost 
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Wreck Of The Ship Amy. - Fifteen Lives Lost

A melancholy shipwreck was made known on Thursday in the city namely the total loss of the ship Amy of London, while on a passage from Belize Bay of Honduras for Cork on the coast at kinsale and that all the crew three men excepted met with a watery grave.

On Tuesday morning when off the Barry Cove she was overtaken with a heavy gale of wind which forced her ashore within a short distance of the coastguard station and within the short space of twenty minutes went entirely to pieces and her fragments and cargo were swept along the shore for miles.

The crew amounted to eighteen men including Master and officers only three were saved. The ship was a fine vessel 400 tons burden.

Caledonian Mercury, Thursday, April 1, 1852

Driven on shore near Barry's Cove on the S.W side of the Seven Heads signal tower.
The vessel must have been set into Clonakilty Bay during the previous very thick weather as the land could scarcely have been seen a quarter of a mile off at any time on the 21st and the prevalence of southerly S.S.W. winds lately added greatly to the indraught of the bay.

No assistance could have been rendered in the way of saving life, " although rockets are at the stations on both sides of the wreck " as the vessel went to pieces in a quarter of an hour after she struck.

Three of the crew saved themselves by clinging to the rocks. Wreck caused through thick weather and the vessel would not wear or stay, it appears she was well constructed and well supplied with charts including that part where wrecked.
Robert Drury, mr.; Shepherd & Scott, owners, of London.

Admiralty Register of Wrecks 1852


  • Voyage   : Honduras to Cork
  • Cargo     : Mahogany and Logwood
  • Tide        : Half flood 01:30 am
  • Wind       : S.S.E / S.S.W force 8
  • Weather : Thick with rain


March 22.The Barque Amy of London having struck on a rock during thick and blowing weather near Barry Cove on the coast of Cork immediately went to pieces and out of a crew of 18 men 15 perished. The three survivors were saved by three Coast-Guardmen and others descending a precipitous cliff. Reward 4L. 10s.

Life Boat Journal May 1853
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