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Nuovo Zelante   Austrian  Goleen Co Cork  1852 

Nuovo Zelante : 
Flag Austrian  Builder  
Port Trieste  Build Date 1824 
Official No   Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 211 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions  |  | 
Ships Role  Cargo Vessel  Rigging Style Brig  
Super Structure
Wreck Location Turf Island Ballydivillin Bay Goleen Co Cork 
Date Lost 21/03/1852  Captain Giovanni Cipolovich 
Cause Driven Ashore  Crew Lost
Position   Passengers Lost   
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SKULL. March 25 - The Nuovo Zilente, 211 tons, an Austrian Brig commanded by Giovanni Cipolovich and manned with ten men was bound from Galatz to Queenstown for orders loaded with a cargo of Indian corn. On the night of the 21st instant it blowing a heavy gale from the south the sea running very high and the weather very thick with rain this vessel got embayed in Ballydivillin Bay and was driven on the rocks close to Turf Island about the hour of eleven p.m.

when she immediately sank breaking in the centre and both masts falling over the side. Five of the crew Giovanni Lidovich mate, Stefano Dogo, seaman, Giovanni Giovanovich, Giacomo di Valoseo, and Lucea Vecalich persevered in getting on one of the rocks three of whom were washed off during the night and the remaining two were washed off the same rock about eight o'clock on Monday morning the entire five meeting a watery grave in the presence of the others who had clung to the wreck.

About eleven o'clock a.m the gale having considerably abated a boat came to the assistance of the survivors who were still clinging to the wreck and succeeded in saving them with the exception of one Christopher Lonzo who died from fatigue immediately on landing though every exertion was made to restore life. The names of the survivors are Giovanni Cipolovich (captain), Spiridione Jovanovich seaman, Francesco Coaz seaman and Giuseppe Gropozzo boy who had been taken to the house of William H. Hull Esq. Lemcon, in a most desperate state their legs and hands having been very much cut from the rocks one of the fingers of Jovanovich having been obliged to be amputated.

Nothing could exceed the kindness of Mr.Hull and his hospitable lady in their attentions to these unfortunate men whose lives were entirely dependent on them, On hearing of the dreadful loss of this vessel Mr. W. D. Seymour the Austrian consul at Queenstown came at once to the assistance of the unfortunate survivors who were much pleased on his arrival being the only person who could converse with them in their own language.

Two of the bodies have been washed on shore (Giovanni Lidovich and Giovanni Giovanovich and interred on Castle Point and Christofero Lonso who died on landing is intered inthe Church yard here

Liverpool Mercury etc, Friday, April 2, 1852


Turf Rock W. of Long Island - struck on the.
The chief cause was the night being dark and foggy and the master judging himself farther off the land than he was, mistaking Crookhaven Light for Cape Clear Light in a thick fog.Clear at intervals.
G. Cipollowitz, mr. ; N. Michallovico, owr.

Admiralty Register of Wrecks 1852


Nuovo Zelante came on shore in a dense fog about midnight between Long Island Channel and Crookhaven on the coast of Cork. The next morning 5 out of 10 of her crew were seen on floating pieces of the wreck by a party of fishermen who put off in two boats to their assistance. Reward 11L.

Life Boat Journal May 1853
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