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Glaramara   British  Oysterhaven Co Cork  1883 

Glaramara : 
Flag British  Builder Whitehaven Shipbuilding Co 
Port Whitehaven  Build Date 1877 
Official No 74748  Material Iron 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 678 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions 184.5 | 30.3 | 17.6
Ships Role  Cargo Ship  Rigging Style Barque  3 Masts
Super Structure
Wreck Location Sovereign Rocks Oysterhaven Co Cork 
Date Lost 22/02/1883  Captain Capt.Moreton 
Cause Ran aground  Crew Lost  
Position 51.40 N / 08.26 W  Passengers Lost   
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Lloyd's agent at Kinsale telegraphs to-day that the Glaramara barque of Whitehaven from San Francisco laden with wheat for Cork for orders foundered while at anchor in Flowers Bay near Kinsale last evening. The crew seventeen in number were saved by the rocket apparatus. A tug could not approach her. The Glaramara was a vessel of 693 gross tons built at Whitehaven in 1877 classed 100 AI and owned by Messrs. George Nelson and Sons of Whitehaven Cumberland.

The Pall Mall Gazette, London, Tuesday, February 13, 1883



A Board of Trade inquiry touching the circumstances of the stranding and loss of the British barque Glaramara of Whitehaven off the Irish coast on the 12th February was opened at St. George's Hall yesterday before Mr. Raffles stipendiary magistrate assisted by Captains Vaux and Methven nautical assessors. Mr. Paxton represented the Board of Trade and Mr. Lightbound appeared for the master of the vessel Captain Morton.

The Glaramara was built of wood in 1877 was 678 tons register and was owned by Mr. George Nelson and other gentlemen residing at Whitehaven. She left San Francisco on the 15th of last Oct. with a crew of 17 hands and a cargo of 970 tons of wheat bound for Queenstown. Rough weather was experienced during the voyage and the storm increased when the Irish coast was sighted on the 11th February. At midnight on that date Kinsale light was sighted and the captain stood in to the land on the port tck.

It was considered then that the vessel was in a safe position but the man at the lookout reported land which was subsequently found (to be the Sovereign Rock) close to Oyster-haven. An attempt was then made to wear ship but it was found that there was not room and efforts were made to weather the land. These were unsuccessful and the anchors were let go and distress signals shown. One of the anchors shortly afterwards gave way and the vessel drifted on to the rocks and sank. The crew were saved by the rocket apparatus worked from the coastguard station. The inquiry was adjourned until to-day.

Liverpool Mercury etc (Liverpool, England), Thursday, March 8, 1883

Judgment was given yesterday in the Board of Trade inquiry as to the loss of the barque Glaramara the court suspending the master's certificate for three months owing to his neglect to use the lead.

Liverpool Mercury , Saturday, March 10, 1883
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