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Davara   British  Tory Island Co Donegal  1939 

Davara : 
Flag British  Builder Cochrane & Sons Ltd Selby 
Port Fleetwood  Build Date 1912 
Official No 132409  Material Steel 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 291g / 269u / 116n 
Ship type Steam Trawler  Dimensions 130 | 23.5 | 12.5
Ships Role  Fishing Vessel  Rigging Style Smack  
Super Structure
Wreck Location 20 miles N/W of Tory Island Co Donegal 
Date Lost 13/09/1939  Captain Boyles 
Cause Shelled and sunk by U-27  Crew Lost  
Position   Passengers Lost   
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Although the Fleetwood trawler Davara was shelled on Friday for half an hour her skipper and crew were able to get safely away in their boat. The skipper Captain Boyles said:" We counted 75 rounds. We managed to lower the lifeboat although it had been damaged and I got my crew of 11 aboard and we put away.

We baled for five hours before we were picked up, and I was then so exhausted with rowing and baling that I had to be hauled on board with ropes

The Times, Monday, Sep 18,1939
Record Created on  30/07/2009
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