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Chicago   British  Roches Point Cork Harbor  1868 

Chicago : 
Owner Guion Line 
Flag British  Builder Palmers Shipbuilding Co, Jarrow 
Port Liverpool  Build Date 1866 
Official No 55033  Material Iron 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 2869 
Ship type Steam Ship  Dimensions 335 | 42.5 | 
Ships Role  Passenger/Cargo  Rigging Style   
Super Structure
Wreck Location Gyleen Bay Roches Point Cork Harbor 
Date Lost 14/01/1868  Captain  
Cause Ran Aground  Crew Lost  
Position   Passengers Lost   
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About six o'clock last evening the Guion steamer Chicago a large and splendidly appointed vessel went ashore at Guileen bay near Roches point while endeavoring to enter the harbour in a fog and with a strong southerly gale blowing. The Chicago was at the time on her homeward voyage from New York. The crew and passengers were saved but it is feared the vessel will become a total wreck It appears that the vessel though indirectly is another victim to the absence of a proper light on Daunt's Rock.

The Chicago after a splendid run sighted the Old Head of Kinsale yesterday afternoon and the Captain was making for the harbour when the weather came on densely thick while at the same time it was blowing strong from the south and afterwards from SSW. In order to escape Dannt's Rock the captain deemed it necessary to exercise the utmost precaution and instead of bearing up directly for the harbour from the Old Head which might have brought him like the Research on the ribs of the New York he steered more to the eastward. Unfortunately in the dense fog he passed the harbour light and when striving to get round got ashore at Guileen Bay. The moment it was found that the vessel struck every effort Was made to save the passengers and crew and by the maintenance of strict discipline and good order and by an admirable display of seamanlike qualities every life was saved.

The second mate and boatswain made their way to the telegraph station at Roches point and telegraphed to the Messrs Scott of Queenstown the agents who it being then about half past eleven at night immediately despatched the fine tug Lord Clyde with Captain Seaton. The Lord Clyde took up the second mate and boatswain at Rochespoint and then went east to try and communicate with the vessel. By this time the wind had increased to a gale. The ship was observed to be close in shore on the rock lying broad side on with her head to the westward she having struck when attempting to return back on her course towards Rochespoint.

The sea was running high and making a clean breach over her the engine compartwent and hold being full. At the time all communication with her from the sea side was quite out of the question. If the weather should moderate there is reason to hope that the cargo may be saved but there appears to be very little chance of saving the ship.

Messrs Scott the agents of the vessel accompanied by Captain O'Brien the harbor master at Queenstown have proceeded to the scene of the wreck.

Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser, Tuesday January 14 1868
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