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Crescent City   British  Galley Head Co Cork  1871 

Crescent City : 
Owner Liverpool and Mississippi S.S Co 
Flag British  Builder A McMillan & Son Dumbarton 
Port Liverpool  Build Date 1870 
Official No 63314  Material Iron 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 1366 / 2039 
Ship type Steam Ship  Dimensions 316.0 | 35.3 | 25.2
Ships Role  Cargo / Passenger  Rigging Style Brig  &3 Decks
Super Structure
Wreck Location Doolic Rock Galley Head Co Cork 
Date Lost 08/02/1871  Captain Williams 
Cause Ran aground in fog  Crew Lost  
Position 51.31 N / 08.57 W  Passengers Lost   
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A most disastrous loss was reported yesterday in that of the splendid new steamer Crescent City on her first voyage from New Orleans to Liverpool. She had made a rapid and successful run out to Now Orleans and left that port on the 11th Jan with a number of passengers.

Nothing more was heard of her until yesterday when a telegram was received from her captain stating that she had run ashore during a dense fog at Galley Head a bluff headland near Kinsale and had become a total wreck crew and passengers safely landed.

She belonged to the Liverpool and Mississippi Steamship Company for whom Messrs Flinn, Main & Montgomery Liverpool are managing owners and formed part of a new line of Magnificent steamers running between Liverpool and Now Orleans. She was the second steamer of the line of 2000 tons register built last autumn by Messrs M'Millan & Son of Dumbarton with compound engines of 210 H.P. nominal. The steamers of this line are specially designed for the New Orleans trade having large carrying capacity on light draft of water and one of the highest class at Lloyd's with all the latest improvements and accommodation for 900 passengers.

We could not learn anything as to the prospects of salvage but doubtless much of the cargo will be saved A later telegram adds that after striking she backed off and sunk in deep water.

The Crescent City was under the command of Capt Williams Her cargo consisted of 4101 bales cotton, 71 sacks cotton seed, 2656 sacks corn, one keg syrup, 50 bales palm leaves, one barrel flour, one barrel peanuts,,l keg lard and 2400 staves. She had $101.401 in specie six boxes of which has been saved

Glasgow Herald, Thursday, February 9 1871
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