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Queensmore   British  Dunlough Bay Mizen Head Co Cork  1889 

Queensmore : 
Owner Wm Johnson & Co Liverpool 
Flag British  Builder Harland & Wolff Belfast 
Port Liverpool  Build Date 1889 
Official No 96361  Material Steel 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 2767 / 4195 / 4119 
Ship type Steam Ship  Dimensions 400.7 | 46.2 | 29.5
Ships Role  Cargo  Rigging Style Schooner  & 2 Decks - 7 Bk Hds
Super Structure
Wreck Location Bullig Rock Dunlough Bay Mizen Head Co Cork 
Date Lost 08/11/1889  Captain Trenery 
Cause Ran ashore on fire  Crew Lost  
Position 51.28 N / 09.50 W  Passengers Lost   
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By the disaster to the Johnstones Liner Queensmore off the Irish coast on Friday not only a brand new steamer has been lost but also a valuable cargo including about 1000 head of cattle and 900 bales of cotton. The Queensmore was on her maiden voyage having left Liverpool on the 5th of last mouth under the command of Capt. Frenery and was bound to the Mersey from Baltimore when the disaster happened.

From the information which has been received in Liverpool it appears that the foundering was due to the steamer striking a sunken rock off the Irish coast and that almost immediately after this she went down.

The Liverpool steamer St Ronan which passed Queenstown late on Friday reports that she fell in with the Queensmore at six o'clock on Friday morning. The Queensmore was then on fire and the captain asked the commander of the St Ronan to accompany him so that he might be near to assist him should he not be able to reach the coast. This the St Ronan did and the steamers were together for three hours. A fog was then prevailing becoming denser every hour and suddenly the land came in view.

The St Ronan at this put off and then lost sight of the other steamer those on the St Ronan did not subsequently see the other steamer but some time afterwards a whistle was heard. It must have been soon after parting with the St Ronan that the Queensmore struck the submerged rack.

The Queensmore had just upon a thousand live cattle on board and besides the cotton her cargo would consist of grain tobacco and other valuable goods. Some of the cattle have been brought ashore and it was said in one telegram that the upper deck with the cattle stalls was seen floating about. This however is doubtless the floor which is laid on the deck and is part of the cattle fittings. This flooring with the stalls attached would became loosened from the deck with the water and the exertions of the cattle in the stalls. The majority of the cattle were below and were drowned in their stalls as the steamer went down

The Queensmore would have a crew of 60 or 70 hands and besides she would have about 30 cattlemen on board to attend to the animals. Altogether there would be about a hundred men on board and their escape is very fortunate.

The Queensmore sank in 16 fathoms of water and will add one more to the many wrecks which at present lie on and near the rocky Irish coast.The Queensmore would be about worth £80000 whilst the cargo was also of great value.

Our Skibbereen correspondent telegraphs, The crew of the ill fated steamship Queensmore passed through this town on Saturday afternoon on their way to Liverpool and numbered 75 hands all told. Captain Frenbrye remains yet at the scene of the wreck probably awaiting the arrival of a representative from the Liverpool underwriters. but his mission so the scene of the wreck could be of little consequence as not a particle of the vessel is visible.

In the dense fog the vessel was run into Dunlough bay near the Mizzen head quite adjacent to where the wreck of the Leyland steamer Bohemian lies and there the vessel immediately settled down. Before getting near the land the captain ordered that several bead of live cattle and a large number of bales of cotton be jettisoned in order to make a last shift at subduing the flames before running the vessel aground but all in vain.

Glasgow Herald (Glasgow Scotland) Monday November 11 1889
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