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Name Nationality Location Date Lost
Oswestry   British  Dunlough Bay Mizen Head Co Cork   1899 

Oswestry : 
Owner Sivewright, Bacon & Co West Hartlepool 
Flag British  Builder E.Withy & Co West Hartlepool 
Port West Hartlepool  Build Date 1888 
Official No 92928  Material Steel 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 1550 / 2366 / 1835 
Ship type Steam Ship  Dimensions 299.8 | 38.23 | 23.6
Ships Role  Cargo  Rigging Style Schooner  
Super Structure
Wreck Location  Dunlough Bay Mizen Head Co Cork  
Date Lost 12/03/1899  Captain Alfred. Ernest. Wilson 
Cause Ran aground in fog  Crew Lost  
Position 51.27 N / 09.49 W  Passengers Lost   
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The Captain and crew of the steam ship Oswestry which went on the rocks at Dunlough Bay Mizen Head during a dense fog on Sunday morning arrived in Cork en route for Manchester.

The Oswestry was a vessel of 1560 tons and was bound from Newport News U.S.A for Manchester with a miscellaneous cargo including cotton deals and Indian corn. It was owned by Messrs Seabright and Bacon late of West Hartlepool and now of Manchester and was in charge of Captain Wilson. It was built in the year 88 by Messrs Christopher Furness and Co of West Hartlepool and is stated to have been fully insured.

The vessel started on the voyage about a fortnight ago and was due in Manchester on Monday or Tuesday. All went well until the dense fog that prevailed on the South coast of Ireland on Sunday morning caused the vessel to go on the rocks.

In an interview which our representative had with the crew on their arrival in Cork it was stated that before the vessel struck the rocks in Dunlough Bay she was going at an average speed in fact had to slow down on account of the fog. The sea was calm at the time a circumstance which largely contributed to enabling the crew to reach the shore with safety. They had however to encounter rough experiences for in order to reach the mainland a formidable jutting and craggy rock had to be negotiated a process in which some of the crew received slight injuries.

The starboard boat was first launched and twelve of the crew got in to it. The second boat was then taken out but it was swamped by heavy surf and rendered useless. Communication was then established between the shore and the wreck and with the assistance of the people on shore the remaining members of the crew were rescued.

The moment the vessel struck the rocks. the engines were reversed. There was not the slightest panic on board and the crew without exception bore testimony to the great coolness and presence of mind evidenced by Captain Wilson who was the last to leave the vessel

The crew were loud in their praise of the action of the inhabitants at Mizen not only for their heroic efforts at rescue but for the kindly and hospitable manner in which they were received by them when they came ashore

Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser, Thursday, March 16, 1899

Lloyds Registery 1889 no 281 - O

Oswestry, 92928, KSMD, Scw, Stm, Sr, Steel
Tons 1550 / 2366 / 1835
Well deck, 5 BHds, Asp, WB = Cell DB 25.6ft 560 tns
T.3Cy.22"37"&61" -39" (s) 152 Lb 250HP
T.Richardson & Sons , Hartlepool

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