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Lord Canterbury   British  Clear Island Co Cork  1847 

Lord Canterbury : 
Flag British  Builder Built at Quebec 
Port Bridgwater  Build Date 1835 
Official No   Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 599 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions  |  | 
Ships Role  Cargo  Rigging Style Barque  
Super Structure
Wreck Location Cape Clear , Clear Island Co Cork 
Date Lost 17/12/1847  Captain William Bruce 
Cause Water logged  Crew Lost
Position   Passengers Lost   
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Kinsale Loss of The Lord Canterbury.

This ship which was bound to this port from Quebec became water-logged on the 5th instant having had a succession of strong gales and the crew after great privations were fallen in with on the 16th by the John of Bideford from St John's New Brunswick the master and crew of which vessel rendered every possible assistance and succeeded in saving 13 out of 20 the remaining seven (including Captain Bruce) from the increasing gale and night fall were left and were concluded to have perished shortly afterwards

Those taken from the wreck were landed at Milford and brought here by the Phoenix steamer on Wednesday morning. Saved James Merchant (mate) William Cole James Cashinan Thomas Davis J Lambert Agnes Cook Benjamin Davis John Williams, John Richards, John Miller Henry Lear, John Cain Thomas Cockram.
Seamen Left -- Captain Bruce John Thomas of Cardigan George (old seaman) Charles (a boy) James (a boy his father a clergyman of Bridgwater) William (a boy) and a Scotchman of the name of James.

The Bristol Mercury (Bristol, England), Saturday, December 25, 1847

Lloyds Agent at Skibbereen I have to inform you that Captain William Bruce master of the ship Lord Canterbury 599 tons from Quebec for Bristol timber laden called to me last night for an advance of a few pounds to enable him and one of his men and a boy to proceed to Bristol and related the following circumstances.

On the 6th instant a heavy sea struck her and broke her rudder after which the ship became unmanageable and water-logged he and his crew twenty in number had to take to the fore and main tops where they had a little bread and water the sea making a complete breach over the ship.

On the 10th a ship came in sight hauled her wind and made a tack and came very near but not being able to reach the wreck in the first tack she squared away her yards and continued her course She appeared to Capt Bruce to be an American (but I doubt it) with yellow sides and painted ports.

Their hearts sunk when this heartless captain and vesse1 left them to perish but on the 16th at 8 o'clock p.m. another vessel hove in sight name unknown and sent her boat twice she took 13 off leaving the master and five men on board one man perished in attempting to get into the boat. It blew so hard that although the boat made the attempt she was unable to reach the wreck the third time.

During the night of the 16th the ship's decks burst up and her hold beams gave way when she went to pieces. The captain one man and one boy scrambled to the round-house and lashed themselves on it two men who remained on the tops were lost when the masts went over and one man died in all four lost. On the 17th. the round-house drifted towards Cape Clear they saw the Cape light about daybreak and on the 18th after being 36 hours on the round-house washed by rain and waves and without food or drink were rescued by a Cape boat and landed in a very exhausted state.

The master and the two with him have proceeded to-day to Cork on their way for Bristol.

Daily News (London, England), Saturday, December 25, 1847
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