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Fame   British  Lough Foyle Co Derry  1833 

Fame : 
Flag British  Builder Built at Dysart 
Port Ayr  Build Date 1786 
Official No   Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 100 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions  |  | 
Ships Role  Coaster  Rigging Style Brig  
Super Structure
Wreck Location Tuns sandbank entrance to Lough Foyle Co Derry 
Date Lost 27/01/1833  Captain W. Law 
Cause Ran Aground  Crew Lost
Position 55.12 N / 06.56 W  Passengers Lost   
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SHIPWRECK. -- The Fame, of Ayr, Capt Law, from the above port with coals struck on the Tons at the entrance to lough Foyle on Sunday evening.She remained in a very dangerous situation until seven next morning when the crew consisting of seven men inluding the Captain (with the exception of D.M'Neal, who was drowned in endeavouring to launch a boat on the proceding evening was brought to shore by the exertions of Mr. henry Carey of Struve. The boats belonging to her were driven on shore at the Island of Instrahull, on the Tuesday following and are in the possession of a person on that island.- D. Sentinel

Belfast News Letter Tuesday , January 29 ,1833

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