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Pearl   British  Old Head of Kinsale Co Cork  1927 

Pearl : 
Owner Nelson & Co Whithaven 
Flag British  Builder Shepherd & Leech , Whitehaven 
Port Gloucester  Build Date 1867 
Official No 58186  Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 122 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions 82.6 | 20.3 | 11.2
Ships Role  Cargo  Rigging Style Brigantine  
Super Structure
Wreck Location Garretstown Courtmacsherry Bay Old Head of Kinsale Co Cork 
Date Lost 19/12/1927  Captain Gordon 
Cause Ran Aground  Crew Lost  
Position 51.38 N / 08.34 W  Passengers Lost   
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Information was received in Dublin this morning that a three-masted Schooner named the Pearl from Gloucester with a crew of four or five had struck a reef at Garrettstown Co. Cork about seven miles south of Kinsale.

The volunteer life-saving crew from the Old Head of Kinsale succeeded in firing two rockets over the vessel which was being swept by heavy seas but though lines of communication were established and a breeches buoy was rigged up none of the members of the crew was able to come ashore. The volunteer crew worked all through the night without avail and the Pearl having been broken up by the seas foundered with all hands.

The vessel was stranded about a quarter of a mile from the shore and shortly before she went to pieces members of the crew could be seen clinging to the masts while huge waves broke over the ship. A large amount of wreckage was washed ashore this morning.

The Times, Wednesday, Dec 21, 1927
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