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Name Nationality Location Date Lost
Marion   British  Roundstone Co Galway  1852 

Marion : 
Owner Campbell & Co Glasgow 
Flag British  Builder Built in Dumbarton 
Port Glasgow  Build Date 1838 
Official No   Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 348 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions  |  | 
Ships Role  Cargo Ship  Rigging Style Barque  
Super Structure
Wreck Location Off Gorteen Point Roundstone Co Galway 
Date Lost 30/12/1852  Captain Morris 
Cause Driven Ashore  Crew Lost  
Position 53.22 N / 09.54 W  Passengers Lost   
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GALWAY, SATURDAY. - The Marian 348 tons register bound from Glasgow to the West Indies with a general cargo has become a total wreck off Roundstone Bay on the coast of Connemara. The vessel was the property of Campbell and Co, commanded by Captain Morris and had crew of 17 hands and two passengers on board.

She sailed from Glasgow on the 15th instant and encountered very bad weather from the time she left the Clyde but when off Tory Island she encountered a fearful storm. The sea was running mountains high and the rain falling so thick that the captain was unable to make out his position.

On Friday about twelve o'clock the vessel was driven between Deer Island and Gorteen Point where she was observed by Colinan Broughton, Esq. with her masts cut away and in a completely disabled state. Mr. Broughton put to sea with his own boat and crew. On his way to the disabled vessel he met the captain in one of the ship’s boats with two passengers and part of the crew seeking a place to land.

The Captain and Mr. Broughton then returned to the vessel which was left in the charge of the chief mate and carpenter. They ran her for Moyrnss(?) where she was beached going down by the bows. The bulwarks and four sails had been previously carried away.

As no chance appeared of saving either the cargo or the vessel they abandoned her and with great difficulty made Inishlaekin again. It is probable that a portion of the cargo may be still saved.

The Standard, London, Tuesday, January 04, 1853
Record Created on  12/02/2008
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