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Jane and Margaret   British  Co Wicklow  1837 

Jane and Margaret : 
Flag British  Builder Built at St Johns New Brunswick 
Port Hull  Build Date 1836 
Official No   Material Fir 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 475 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions  |  | 
Ships Role  Cargo Ship  Rigging Style Brig  
Super Structure
Wreck Location Arklow Bank Co Wicklow 
Date Lost 16/02/1837  Captain Wakes 
Cause Wrecked  Crew Lost 17 
Position   Passengers Lost  183 
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The Jane and Margaret, Haker, for New-York, having on board about 200 steerage passengers, besides several cabin passengers, including ladies, left Liverpool by the morning tide on the 6th inst. She was a stout vessel, built in British America.

Yesterday the Captain of the Wakefield, a small schooner from Charleston, arrived here, and states that on the 14th inst, while bearing N.W. by N. about twenty miles from Wicklow, in Ireland, he passed the wreck of an Americal vessel about 500 tons burden, the mainmast broken on the deck, the mainyard lying across the deck, and the vessel completely shattered.

There was no one on board. He saw a large quantity of pillows, beds, and bedding floating on the water He picked up a quantity of the lower deck planks and part of the cross trees attached to the upper part of the gallows, painted yellow, about eight feet long. He also picked up a trunk, with brass letters engraven on it, and a deal box, marked with brass letters engraven on it, and a deal box, marked "E" (in a diamond,) "683," together with several other articles, which had floated from the wreckand it is to be feared that of the whole passengers and crew who left Liverpool on board of her, not one has been left to record the history of their sufferings.

This melancholy conclusion derives additional strength from the fact that, had any one escaped from the wreck, intelligence would have been made to some of the various agents for Lloyds stationed along the Irish coast, but that establishment here has received no Intimation of the kind, and is compelled reluctantly to believe that the unfortunate 200 souls who embarked on board of the Jane and Margaret have found a watery grave.

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