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Clyde   British  Valentia Co Kerry  1873 

Clyde : 
Flag British  Builder Barrington Nova Scotia 
Port Liverpool  Build Date 1857 
Official No   Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 210 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions  |  | 
Ships Role  Cargo Ship   Rigging Style Barque  
Super Structure
Wreck Location Bray Head Valentia Co Kerry 
Date Lost 24/11/1873  Captain Joseph Griffiths 
Cause Ran a Ground  Crew Lost
Position 51.52 N / 10.25 W  Passengers Lost   
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Particulars have been received of the wreck of the Clyde in Valentia harbour. It appears that on Friday a thick fog prevailed, and the captain and crew did not know where they were until the vessel came close to Bray Head, a cliff about 800 feet high .The ship struck before they could do anything, and went down in a few minutes.

The Captain, first mate, and owner who were on board were the first to leave taking in a small boat three more. The cook, boatswain, and steward, when they found the ship sinking, went down to the cabin and made themselves drunk and were seen no more. They endeavoured to prevail on one of the men named Anthony who was ultimately saved to join them but he refused.

A second boat was launched with five men but it immediately capsized. Four managed to scramble on board and right the boat but the fifth sank. The second mate put round him the only lifebelt there was but did not succeed in saving himself as next day his body was seen floating among the wreck.

The three men saved were Thompson, Anthony and a Prussian who with a Belgian floated on spars to the base of the cliff and managed to scramble on the rocks. They saw the four men in the second boat after they had righted her and they shouted to them but at that moment a large wave came and the boat and crew disappeared and were not seen again. The survivors remained on the rock at the base of the cliff the next day shouting for help but without result. The Belgian then attempted to climb up the cliff and had proceeded about a hundred feet when the rock which he had held to gave way and he was dashed to pieces at the feet of his companions.

On the following day (Sunday) Thompson suggested that they should again try and scale the cliff and Anthony climbed first and succeeded and was followed by Thompson and the disabled Prussian. They all scaled the cliff, and were shortly afterwards found lying exhausted. By direction of the Knight of Kerry they were hospitably taken care of.

Daily News London England,Thursday, November 27, 1873

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