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Glasgow   Americian  Carnsore Point Co Wexford  1837 

Glasgow : 
Flag Americian  Builder  
Port Newyork  Build Date  
Official No   Material  
    Tonnage nrt/grt 450 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions  |  | 
Ships Role  Cargo / Passenger  Rigging Style Full Rigged Ship  
Super Structure
Wreck Location Barrels Rocks Carnsore Point Co Wexford 
Date Lost 21/02/1837  Captain W J . Robinson 
Cause Ran Aground  Crew Lost  
Position 52.09 N / 06.23 W  Passengers Lost  22 
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The ship Glasgow , Robinson 800 tons bound from Liverpool to New-York with passengers and seed wheat had been eight days out from Liverpool and in consequence of foggy weather was forced to beat about in the Channel but Tuesday being fine the Captain had every prospect of clearing it and proceeding safely on their voyage.

With this hope they neared Tuskar Light-house on Tuesday evening but the weather again becoming foggy were obliged to lie to during the night when about half-past five in the morning having lost their reckoning the vessel struck on a ledge of rocks called the Barrels off Carnsore Point and about ten a vestige of her was not to be seen and 22 of the passengers and crew perished out of more than 80 on board.

The others were providentially saved through the intrepidity of Capt. M. Walsh of the Alicia of this port who being able to cross our bar the previous evening had ran down towards Carnsore for shelter and perceiving after daylight the perilous state of the Glasgow lost no time in bearing down to the assistance of those on board and happily succeeded in rescuing from certain death upwards of 70 human beings.

To give a description of the heart-rending scene that took place after the vessel struck as described to us by an intelligent person on board would be impossible. The shrieks of the women and children and the struggles of all to get on board the boats that were to carry them to the Alicia - the efforts of the captain and second mate to prevent a rush into the boats which might end in a greater loss of life than that which has unhappily occurred - is more easily imagined than described.

When the melancholy facts were made known a meeting of the inhabitants was convened and subscriptions entered into. The town was divided into districts and collectors appointed to wait on those who did not attend the meeting when the sum of £91 was contributed. In the mean time the sufferers were comfortably lodged and preparations made for forwarding them to their several destinations.

It would be unjust towards our fair townswomen did we neglect to say that on this trying occasion their bounty in the shape of wearing apparel for the distressed females was most liberal many of them having given warm flannel petticoats off their very persons for the use of the sufferers.

The following is a list of the persons saved as far as we have been able to gather them:-
Mr. Potts and one child - Mrs. Potts and two children Angleton Cheshire Liverpool, Charles Stone Liverpool, Miss H. Clegg Rochdale, Mr. Moreland Bristol, Jos. Smith Newtownlimavady Derry, John Dixon Dunmanway Derry, William McSorley near Enniskillen, Edward Strange Derry, Peter Cartney, Thomas Menther, Christopher Hope, John Leonard, Martin Malone, Michael Buckley, Thomas Hope, Edward Tullen, Owen Murray, John Murray, and John Brennan, Mullingar Westmeath, Mr. Coil three children and maid. - (wife and one child drowned) - Edward Malleady, Margaret Breen, Judith Duffy Kingscourt Cavan, Thos. Kelly Dunleer Louth, P. Lamb wife and child Dundalk, Robert Ambrose and wife Tipperary, James Rogers and wife, Hugh Rogers, John McNastry, P. McNastry, John Clinton and Owen McGunnel, Drumcar Louth, Michael Devine and wife Abbeyleix Queen's County, Michael Bennet wife and four children county of Limerick, Ellen Flinn and child - (husband and child lost) - Tipperary ,Bridget Coghlan - (husband lost) - Louth, Anne Cooney Coothill Cavan, Joseph Teehan and Ambrose Corcoran Kilkenny, John Tekquald.

Belfast News Letter Friday , February 24 1837


SV Glasgow
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