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Name Nationality Location Date Lost
Successor   British  Seafield Quilty Co Clare  1850 

Successor : 
Owner Joseph Culliford 
Flag British  Builder John Candlish, Low Southwick. 
Port Sunderland  Build Date 1850 
Official No   Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 294 / 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions 94.7 | 23.8 | 16.5
Ships Role  Cargo Ship  Rigging Style Snow  
Super Structure
Wreck Location  Seafield Quilty Co Clare 
Date Lost 19/11/1850  Captain George Miller 
Cause Driven a shore  Crew Lost
Position 52.47 N / 09.29 W  Passengers Lost   
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The Late Storm.

Further Shipwreck and loss of life.

Miltown Malbay, Nov. 22, 1850. - On Tuesday morning a merchant vessel from Liverpool, laden with oats, was driven ashore by the violence of the storm at Clohaneinchy, a place nearly opposite to Mutton Island. As there was no person on board when she was driven in, and she had lost her masts, and was altogether a complete wreck, from being dashed against the numerous rocks with which part of the coast abound, it is believed that the whole crew must have perished, especially as one man was found dead on the strand, quite convenient to the wreck and the covetous, inhuman monster who first found him being devoid of every feeling of respect for the unfortunate dead stripped him of every article of clothes he had on even his shirt and left him naked on the strand!.

It is reported that the captain and two more of the crew were driven in on Mutton Island, where they were found by the family who lives there, and buried by them but I have not been able to ascertain fully whether it is true or not. As soon as the country people discovered the wreck, the work of plunder commenced, and they were to be seen running in all directions with boxes, trunks and meat and every article that was to be found in the shop.- The coast guard and police visited the scene but went away again stating that the property would not pay the expense of protecting it.

At length the farmer on whose strand it lay asserted his right to the relict and would allow no person to come near, while he and his men were tearing up and re-moving what then remained of the wreck. A great part of the cargo was driven in on different parts of the strand, and was carried off in bags, baskets, and every available vessel, whilst horses, donkeys, & c., were not forgotten, their owners no doubt considering their services as a great assistance at such a struggle. Since the foregoing was written I have learned that the captain and three of the crew were found on Mutton Island and buried there and it appears also that there must have been a female on board as some of her clothes were found.-

Clare Journal, and Ennis Advertiser - Monday 25 November 1850


A Letter received in Limerick to-day from a gentleman in Kilkee states that the plunder of the property belonging to the unfortunate passengers by the ill fated Edmond is at present proceeding to a frightful extent.

The Bodies of Captain Miller, of the Successor, of Sunderland whose loss we recorded in our last and four of his crew were washed ashore at Mutton island, near Miltown, and interred there on Sunday last.

Freeman's Journal , Monday, December 2, 1850

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