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Name Nationality Location Date Lost
Lady Lansdowne   British  Lough Derg Killaloe Co Clare  1868 

Lady Lansdowne : 
Owner Inland Steam Navigation Co 
Flag British  Builder John Laird Birkenhead Iron works Liverpool 
Port Limerick  Build Date 1833 
Official No   Material Iron 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 148 
Ship type Paddle Steamer  Dimensions 133 | 17 | 
Ships Role    Rigging Style   
Super Structure
Wreck Location  Lough Derg Killaloe Co Clare 
Date Lost 01/01/1868  Captain  
Cause Sank at Mooring  Crew Lost  
Position   Passengers Lost   
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The Lady Lansdowne was built in sections at the in Birkenhead Iron Works in 1833 (later to be the Cammell Laird foundry). She was the world s first iron ship with watertight bulkheads.

The ship was assembled from parts transported to Dublin by the night mail steamer service from Liverpool , brought by canal barge from Dublin and via Lough Derg to Killaloe. She was built in a wet-dock that had been constructed adjacent to the Pier Head at Killaloe a few years earlier.

On 20 September 1833 , twenty men and six boys arrived from Birkenhead with the necessary tools and ship sections left to reassemble the Steamer on site.
The engines she received had been removed from another of the Company s ships, The Mersey, which had recently been re-engined.

The Lady Lansdowne was launched at Killaloe on the 4th March 1834. She had five distinct compartments made of wrought iron partitions that would prevent sinking should a section become flooded. Being an iron ship she would float at a shallower draft than a similar sized wooden vessel. She therefore had an advantage in entering shallow harbour areas on the Shannon River and in Lough Derg.

The Lady Lansdowne could tow up to four barges and was an important component of commerce at this time as goods, livestock and passengers could be ferried around Lough Derg. For example cattle could be towed in a barge to Portumna by a large steamer , to Shannon Harbour by a smaller steamer and then taken by canal to Dublin for export, within three days.

At the end of her working life the ship was beached in the shallows on the Ballina side of the Shannon River and left there on the site of what is now the Derg Marina. It is estimated that the date this took place was 1867-1868.

As the vessel is more than a hundred years of age it has the protection of the 1987 Monuments Act.

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