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Name Nationality Location Date Lost
Ariosto   British  White Strand Miltown Malbay  1861 

Ariosto : 
Owner T. Cropton and Co 
Flag British  Builder Lawson Gales, South Hylton 
Port Sunderland  Build Date 1854 
Official No 4667  Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt / 278 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions 106 | 24.5 | 15
Ships Role  Cargo Ship  Rigging Style Snow  
Super Structure
Wreck Location Cream Point White Strand Miltown Malbay 
Date Lost 12/03/1861  Captain William Tullagh 
Cause Driven ashore  Crew Lost
Position 52.52 N / 09.26 W  Passengers Lost   
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The brig Ariosto, with a crew of ten, including the captain and a young lad about fourteen, left the port of Limerick a fortnight ago for Philadelphia. As soon as she reached Scattery Roads , the weather turned out rather unfavourable, and they tried to put up for three days in one of the Islands.

They again made out for sea, but alas they were fast facing a watery grave! Ever sence they left Scattery they had been wandering through the high seas totally at the mercy of the winds and waves, which raged and foamed with'out intermission for three days. It was utterly impossible for the crew to manage the Ariosto in such a storm more especially as she Was not laden, She was a very pretty and handsomely built brig, and only six years old. I have heard from the first mate that she had been insured for twenty thousand pounds, so the owner cannot suffer by her loss.

At two o'clock on Tuesday morning she first struck. The crew had been on board this time. The captain came on deck to consult with the first mate about what was to be done and while in the act of talking to him a heavy sea swept the decks and washed the captain overboard, the cook made an attempt to save him but in vain he had disappeared in the boiling surf beneath and was seen no more, thus perished the captain the first victim much lamented by the crew as he was a general favorite.

Among the crew was a deserter from the army a fine able looking fellow. He slipped on board in Limerick, unknown to the captain or any of the crew probably with the intention of procuring a passage to America or in order to avoid the punishment that awaited him if he was taken up as a deserter. The poor fellow was only jumping from one danger to a greater. They had no knowledge of such an individual being concealed on board, until they got outside Scattery
but then the sea was too high to get him on shore however he would have been useful to them as he was at sea before and proved himself to be an expert seaman. He was the second to meet the fate of the captain it is supposed that he made an attempt to save his life by swimming for when he was washed ashore he was quite naked.

The third heavy sea that came on them swept the Brig clean over a reef of rocks and launched the quarter deck the only remaining part into a little creek. The shock which she received at this time was so tremendous that she was almost perpendicular in the air. The hull was driven about 100 yards farther in and was landed high and dry in the rocks.

The whole shore all round at every side was strewn with fragments, spars and ribs never before was seen such a complete shipwreck, Malbay itself could not boast of such another.  Its waters dashed against the flinty rocks and howled among its hollow caves and rolled to and fro as if it seemed to demand more not being satisfied with the unfortunate victims which its unabated fury had already consigned to the deep.

At this last and a terrific shock two hands more were unaccountably washed overboard. Now only five and the little boy Were still remaining and nothing save Providence alone held them on the rigging. Anybody seeing as I did the position of the vessel could not possibly conceive how the other five escaped. The first mate ran the risk of losing his life to save the rest he crawled on all fours to the stern part which I have already remarked was almost perpendicular this gained he watched his opportunity till the sea retired and giving one desperate leap he reached the rock in safety. It was the work of a moment and required no ordinary courage to complete it. A rope was immediately thrown him which he made as fast as his benumbed hands would permit to the wreck. This done his companions and second mate slid one after each other down the rope until they reached the shore where they fell upon their knees to thank Providence for their delivery.

But here another melancholy scene occurs the young lad was so terrified by the danger that surrounded him and actually famished with cold had not strength enough left him to cling to the rope he had scarcely mounted on it when his strength failed hi his hands and feet were benumbed and no longer able to sustain his hold he fell headlong into the boiling surge and immediately disappeared beneath the wreck. It was day-break when the last man left the vessel and bidding adieu to there frail barque went to seek a place of shelter.

The coastguards station was not far off and the poor shipwrecked sailors entered more dead then alive with clothes dripping wet,  soon through the kindness of Mrs Parkman and Mr. John Donnellan of Miltown who spared no trouble to make them comfortable they began to show a more cheerful aspect,  two of the dead bodies were thrown ashore early on the same morning another was taken up at 2 p.m and not untill Wednesday about daybreak was the captain's body found, up to this time nothing has been seen of the little boy.

The wreck was sold at two o'clock same day. The purchasers were Mr.John N. M'Guire, Mr.Malachy Hughes, Mr.James Connellan, Miltown, and Mr.Martin Carroll of Freagh.  Everybody may anticipate the result,

All the crew were Scotch with the exception of one an American and he has been wrecked three times within the last four months, not withstanding all his hair-breadth escapes he is going to brave the dangers of the sea again. Nothing from the wreck was saved. The captain had 50 or 60 guineas with him ; no account of it .

Correspondent of the Clare Journal.

The Ariosto Tullook of Sunderland which vessel left Scattery Roads on Saturday the 9th inst., and got embayed between Loop and hogs Heads and eventually went on shore on the 12th, and became a total wreck on Crane Point near Miltown. The following is a list of the crew lost Captain William Tullock a native of Sunderland , E. Carey , E. Moldrought and Henry O'Halloran, a native of Limerick.

The Ariosto was built in the Wear in 1854, was registered 278 tons , and the property of Messrs T. Crofton and Co, of Sunderland


The Newcastle Courant

(Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England), Friday, March 22, 1861.


notes : Hogs Head most likely Hags Head
Crane Point Cream Point

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