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Water Lily   British  Loop Head Co Clare   1836 

Water Lily : 
Owner Nesbitt & Co 
Flag British  Builder Built at Southampton 
Port Belfast  Build Date 1832 
Official No   Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 182 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions  |  | 
Ships Role  Cargo Ship  Rigging Style Schooner  
Super Structure
Wreck Location Off Horse Island Loop Head Co Clare  
Date Lost 23/10/1836  Captain Thomas Ruby 
Cause Burnt at Sea  Crew Lost
Position 52.30 N / 09.57 W  Passengers Lost   
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" Account was received last evening of the total loss and destruction, by fire, of the beautiful schooner Water Lily, of this port, Ruby, Master, having burned to the waters edge, and sunk on Sunday last about one mile from the mouth of the river Shannon, between Loop Head and Kerry Head, While on passage from London to this port with a general cargo.

Only one man, named Rogers, of a crew of nine, who sailed in her, known to have survived the awful calamity, having been picked up in a most exhausted state, White clinging to a plank of the unfortunate vessel. The fire is supposed to have originated in the spontaneous heating of the cargo, which Was composed of brimstone, vitriol, candles, hats, and other combustible materials. The Wafer Lily was a splendid newly built schooner, and one of the fastest sailing vessels. out of the port of Limerick, "

Anxiously waiting further particulars of this awful catastrophe, we annex the only official account yet received which is from the Surveyor at Tarbert

Tarbert October 25, 1836.

" About six p.m. on the 23rd inst, the Water Lilly, of this port, from London for Limerick. general cargo, took fire about a mile less from the entrance of the river, and it appears all hands perished, except one (John Rogers of Lyme), who was picked up by the Eliza of Rothsay, arrived yesterday evening about six p.m.

when I saw Rogers, who gave me the information. Rogers was picked up on a plank, some of the wreck, when he had been eight hours in the water. There was also, it appears, a river pilot amongst the sufferers. I believe he said nine altogether were lost, one of whom was sick in the cabin, who, it is presumed, was burnt to death.--- Rogers attributes this sad catastrophe to the cargo heating. They saw the day before smoke ascending out of the fore-hatchway. She had brimstone it appears on board along with various other articles. Probably some others of the crew were saved unknown to Rogers, but he thinks not. I think he said the pilot had hold of the same plank. that Was assisting him, and was obliged to let it go again!'

For near two days before, it Is said, that smoke was observed ascending from chinks of the hatchway , but not so as to excite any alarm on deck, until Sunday, when the hatch was cautiously opened, then the flame, which it appears was so long nearly smothered for want of air, sprang up from the closely packed hold, and blazed about the vessel with such destructive fury as to battle all human efforts to repress it. Fanned by the breeze, in a period of less than five minutes the Water Lilly from stem to stern displayed one vast column of fire, which ran up along the masts and rigging with awful rapidity, burning and destroying every thing in its progress, imagination can only picture the desperate state of the crew in this tremendous conflagration of vessel and cargo, when they had not even time to hoist out the boats to save their lives. Those who did not perish in the flames most have leapt overboard, and met an equally certain but less painful death. Mr.Thomas Ruby, the active, intelligent, and obliging Master of the Wafer Lily, was seen floating on a bundle of hoops, by the only survivor, Rogers, who lost sight of him in a moment after.

Such confidence was felt by the public in the superior character of this schooner, that very few of the numerous shippers insured their property in her, and the consequence is, that several shopkeepers in town, who had consignments on board, suffer to a large amount. The value of vessel and goods was 10,0001. at least "

From the Limerick Chronicle of Wednesday

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