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Kalliopi s   Greek  Sheephaven Co Donegal  1940 

Kalliopi s : Elzasier , Humanitas , War Wager
Owner Shipping Controller, London 
Flag Greek  Builder Thompson, J.L. Sunderland  
Port Pirseus  Build Date 1918 
Official No 142401  Material Steel 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 5152 / 4745 / 8105 
Ship type Tanker  Dimensions 413.1 | 52.2 | 28.5
Ships Role  Cargo Ship  Rigging Style   
Super Structure
Wreck Location Dowines Bay  Sheephaven Co Donegal 
Date Lost 17/09/1940  Captain  
Cause Bombed By Aircraft  Crew Lost  
Position 55.11 N / 07.50 W  Passengers Lost   
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September 1940 Kalliopi S crossed the Atlantic from Halifax in Convoy Hx 55 , When north west of Inishtrahull she parted company with the convoy and turned for Limerick , on the 17th she was bombed by aircraft 11 miles off Tory and drifted ashore on fire where she subsequently sank in Sheep Haven Bay.


Report From War Cabinet Weekly Resume No 55 September 1940
Date: Sept.17
Name and Tonnage: Kalliopi S (5152 tons)
Nationality: Greek
Cargo: Grain
Nature of attack: Bombed and Machine Gunned
In Convoy or not: Stragler from Convoy
Position: Off the N.W of N.Ireland
Fate of Crew: 29 Rescued


The Historical details of the loss of this vessel are often confused with a Greek ship of the same name Kalliopi this ship was torpedoed and sunk 500 miles west of Ireland in 1943 by U-402 with the loss of four lives , position 55.27 N /26.08 W

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