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Andrew White   British  Claddagh Strand Miltown Malbay  1849 

Andrew White : 
Owner Thomson and Co 
Flag British  Builder Thomas Cairncross, Sunderland 
Port Sunderland  Build Date 1838 
Official No   Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 256 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions  |  | 
Ships Role  Cargo Ship  Rigging Style Snow  
Super Structure
Wreck Location  Claddagh Strand Miltown Malbay 
Date Lost 20/11/1849  Captain Angus 
Cause Abandoned at Sea  Crew Lost  
Position 52.51 N / 09.26 W  Passengers Lost   
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Miltown Malbay Nov.20

A Vessel Wrecked and Deserted.


" At an early hour on yesterday morning, a ship named the Andrew White of Sunderland, laden with timber, was drifted on a reef of rocks on the Claddagh Strand, the property of John Carroll, Esq., within a short distance of this village. She became a wreck on sea, her masts being partly broken her sails entirely torn away, and her bowsprit completely gone.

A great many idle tales are in circulation respecting the fate of the crew, some of which are most horrifying to relate but nothing certain can be ascertained on that point yet, as it is not known where the Vessel is from, nor whither she was bound. There can be no doubt, however that the crew must have either perished, or having lost all hope of saving the ship, took to the long boats, and got to land on some other part of the western coast. There was no one on board to tell the tale of woe.

A fisherman was the first to board her and Immediately after Constable Crymble with seven of the Miltown police arrived, and took charge of the cargo, remaining under arms all Sunday, Sunday night, and the greater part of Monday. Mr.Blair, of kilrush, agent for Lloyds, visited the wreck on Monday, with Lieutenant Morris of the coast guards, and, after consulting together, they discharged the constabulary from their attendance, without allowing them any compensation for the protection afforded by them, stating that the coast guards were quite sufficient to protect the lading. but the police had not left the 'place before the work of plunder commenced, and they did not, of course, interfere,

At the time she was boarded by the fisherman there was nothing in the way of provisions found in her except a few biscuits, nor anything of any value except the cargo, so that there can be but little doubt that she was plundered on sea, especially as she was seen by the Coast guards on Friday off " Mutton Island," with two fishing boats in pursuit of her.

She now lies in such a position Imbedded between the rocks, that it will be impossible to remove' the cargo till she becomes a complete wreck, which cannot be many days. Correspondent of the Clare Journal. "


REF : Freemans Journal 20th November 1849


Lloyds List Oct 1849

" Piel Oct, 26 The brig Nicholson, Bell, of Hartlepool, for Miratnichi, 26 days out, reports that she saw a vessel bearing down, which proved to be the brig Andrew White, Angus, of Sunderland, from Quebec, in a water logged state and the crew completely lamed and exhausted with continual pumping they put out their boats, but a heavy sea running at the time, the boats sunk alongside. After putting their (the Nicholson's) long-boat out, they succeeded in rescuing them from their perilous situation, in latitude 49 38 N, longitude 18 10 W. "

Note: 49.38 N / 18.10 W is approximately 360 miles S/W of The Fastnet Rock

Lloyds List May 1849

" Sligo, May 9. The Andrew White, Angus, from Sunderland to Quebec, put in here yesterday leaky and disabled, and with one man washed overboard, having, been struck by a heavy sea whilst lying to during. a gale in lat. 58 long 17. "

Note: lat. 58 long 17 is approximately 350 miles N/W of Sligo

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