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Martin   British  Malbay Co Clare  1817 

Martin : HMS Martin
Owner British Royal Navy 
Flag British  Builder Built in Burmuda 
Port   Build Date 1809 
Official No   Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 399 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions 107 | 30 | 15.09
Ships Role  Warship  Rigging Style Sloop  
Super Structure
Wreck Location Carrowmore Point Malbay Co Clare 
Date Lost 07/12/1817  Captain Andrew Mitchell 
Cause Ran Ashore in a Gale  Crew Lost  
Position 52.46 N / 09.30 W  Passengers Lost   
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Loss of the Martin Sloop of War.- Extract of a letter from the Agent to Lloyd's at Kilrush dated Dec. 8:-
" It is with regret I have to inform you that the Martin Sloop of War was last night driven on shore in a desparate gale in Mull Bay. The ship is totally lost but I am hapy to add that the greater part of the crew and all the officers are safe.

The mizen-mast being cut away luckily fell with the mast-head in a rock which served as a gangway for them and enabled them to reach the shore. Immediately on receiving this intelligence I dispatched cars with refreshments to the crew who I am informed are in a most deplorable state. "

The Examiner (London , England) Sunday, December 14, 1817

Cove, Dec. 11.- We are enabled to state by a letter just received from the most unquestionable authority indeed from Captain Mitchell that only five men out of the crew of the Martin were lost. The remaining part of the ship's company is well. In addition to the above we have been favoured with the following extract of a letter received from an officer of the Martin by his friends in this city dated Sloop Martin of Maul Bay County Clare:- " I got off Galway Sunday night not being able to get in before night a little after dusk it began to blow right on the land to such a degree as to leave the vessel under water. We hove the guns overboard and spent a most dismal night.
At day-light we saw the land close to us with cliffs 200 feet perpendicular by carrying much sail we got into Maul Bay and tried to come to anchor but she dragged them after her and about half past eight she struck with a dreadful crash and continued beating for half an hour when her bottom left her and upper part drove close to the rocks we then cut the mizen-mast away which fell on the rocks and we got out by it.

The vagabonds here have plundered us of everything- I am almost naked none of us have been in bed these three nights we only lost four or five men who lost themselves in attempting to swim. I shall be able to give you a full account in a few days. "

The Morning Chronicle (London , England) Friday, December 19, 1817

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