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Inverness   British  Shannon Estuary  1817 

Inverness : 
Owner J. Ferguson 
Flag British  Builder Built in Leith 
Port Liverpool  Build Date 1796 
Official No   Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 88 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions  |  | 
Ships Role  Cargo Ship  Rigging Style Sloop  
Super Structure
Wreck Location Carrigaholt,  Shannon Estuary 
Date Lost 19/02/1817  Captain J Leitch 
Cause Ran aground and plundered  Crew Lost  
Position 52.34 N / 09.44 W  Passengers Lost   
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Particulars of the wreck and plunder of the Inverness.
Capt Leitch in the River Shannon loaded at Limerick a cargo of provisions on account of Mr. E D. Hanmers contract with the Victualling Board, and bound to London,
From Capt Miller of the Police to Mr Spaight,Merchant,Limerick.

Kilrush Feb.22-- Dear Spaight, As I am now in possession of most of the particulars of the wreck of the Inverness I shall detail them to you as follows:--
She went on shore on Wednesday night the 19th inst mistaking Rinevaha for Carrigaholt and would have got off by the next spring tide had the peasantry not boarded and rendered her not sea-worthy by scuttling her and tearing away all her rigging they then robbed the crew of all their clothes tore their shirts which they made bags of to Carry away the plunder and then broached the tierces of pork and distributed the contents to people on shore who waited to convey them up the country.

The alarm having reached this on Thursday A Serjeant and twelve of the Police were sent down with the Chief Constable at their head and they succeeded in retaking some of the provisions and securing them driving the mob from the wreck.

The police kept possession of what they had got during the night but very early on Friday morning the people collected in some thousands and went down to the beach Where they formed into three bodies and cheered each other with hats off advancing with threats declaring that they defied the police and would possess themselves again of what had been taken from them and of the arms of the police the police formed into one body and showing three fronts endeavored to keep then at bay but in vain they assailed them with stones sticks scythes and axes and gave some of our men some severe blows which exasperated them so much that they were under the necessity of firing in self defence and four of the assailant fell victims two of whom were buried yesterday.

During their skirmishing which began about seven o'clock one of the men mounted was dispatched to this town for reinforcement when Major Warburton in half an hour with twenty cavalry and a few infantry mounted behind them left this and in one hour and half were on board the wreck and took twelve men in the act of cutting up the wreck one of them made a blow of a hatchet at Major Warbrton which he warded off and snapped a pistol at him the fellow immediately threw himself overboard when Troy charged him on horseback up to the horse's knees in water and cut him down.

The fellows then flew in every direction pursued by our men who took many of them and wounded several. Nine tierces of pork have been saved Her bowsprit gaff and spar are all gone with every stitch of canvas and all the running rigging The Shrouds are still left.Two anchors and their cables are gone and even the ships pump A more complete plunder has seldom been witnessed.

Yesterday the revenue wherry went down to Rinevaha and returned in the evening with the Major and a small party with thirty five prisoners who now are all lodged in bridewell.The women in multitudes assembled to supply the men with whiskey to encourage them. Nothing could exceed the coolness of Balfice and his party, who certainly made a masterly retreat to the slated store at Carrigaholt where I found them He and Fitzgerald were wounded but not severely Fitzgerald had a miraculous escape and would have been murdered but was preserved by a man he knew from Kerry who put him under his bed, &c &c.


(Signed) J. MILLER

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