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Aurora   British  Loop Head Co Clare  1814 

Aurora : 
Owner Gelston, Belfast 
Flag British  Builder Built at Irvine, Scotland 
Port   Build Date 1791 
Official No   Material Wood 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 101 / 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions  |  | 
Ships Role  Cargo Ship  Rigging Style Brig  
Super Structure
Rated E - 1 LR 1814. Single Deck with beams, 12ft draft when loaded. 
Wreck Location  Loop Head Co Clare 
Date Lost 06/10/1814  Captain Captain M'Iver 
Cause Scuttled at Sea  Crew Lost  
Position   Passengers Lost   
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The loss of this vessel which sailed from Belfast with a valuable cargo for Quebec and joined a convoy at Cork, has been attended with some circumstances of a peculiar nature The following particulars we have reason to think are correct.

It appears by the evidence of two of the passengers Mr Cupples and Mr Nixon that the Aurora sailed from Cork the beginning of September with the convoy and kept company for four or five days. She experienced rough weather till the 25th when in a heavy gale she sprung her fore top mast injured her bowsprit and had the jolly boat carried away from the stern.

The master and mate at this time quarreled and it was resolved to navigate the ship back to Ireland.
But the Captain and crew having it is said been constantly drunk the utmost irregularity prevailed when about 30 miles from the mouth of the Shannon the passengers were put into the long boat while it is stated the Captain and crew actually scuttled the vessel in their sight, when they might have very easily brought her into port. They allege as the only reason for this step that the master and crew having plundered Some wine on board they dreaded detection. It is supposed she must have sunk in half an hour after they left her.

The boat with the passengers and ships company made the land to the northward of Loopshead and were in great danger of being lost among the tremendous rocks on that part of the coast with the assistance of the country people however they all got ashore When the boat drifted to sea. Two fishermen went off in their canoe to recover her, but, we are sorry to add they unfortunately fell victims to their temerity as their canoe was upset and they both perished.

Captain M'Caver having returned to this part of the country , through the active exertions of Mr Fearas one of the magistrates of this town and Mr Gelston of Portaferry owner of the vessel he was on Saturday apprehended in this town and given in charge to a constable to be conveyed to Carrick fergus jail but it seems by some unaccountable neglect he effected his escape. A reward has been offered for his apprehension.

Immediately after the Captain's apprehension Mr Gelstom set off for Portaferry and had the mate taken into custody and lodged him in Downpatrick jail. Captain M'Caver was we understand formerly of the Sally which was lost.

From the Belfast News Letter 01/10/1814

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