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Lady Grace   British  Slyne Head Connemara  1844 

Lady Grace : 
Owner Vandeleur , Kilrush 
Flag British  Builder Built at Kilrush 
Port Kilrush  Build Date 1841 
Official No   Material Oak and Red Pine 
    Tonnage nrt/grt 69 
Ship type Sail Vessel  Dimensions  |  | 
Ships Role  Cargo  Rigging Style Schooner  
Super Structure
Wreck Location Carrickarone Slyne Head Connemara 
Date Lost 22/12/1844  Captain John Michael 
Cause Ran aground  Crew Lost  
Position   Passengers Lost   
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The Galway Vindicator contains the following account of the wreck of the Lady Grace :-
CLIFDEN, DEC. 23 This Schooner, bound from Glasgow to Kilrush and Limerick consigned to both places laden with iron, delf, pottery, &c, was about six o'clock this morning driven upon the rock "Carrigcumbe" north of Slimehead and about one league from shore on the coast of Connemara where she remained for some time, her crew in a most perilous condition the breakers rolling over them at intervals and had it not been for the praiseworthy exertions and timely aid of the inhabitants of Erissmore who at the extreme risk of their lives got out their row boats and went to the rescue of these poor souls they would in a few hours have perished every one of them.

The crew were taken from the wreck by heaving lines from the row boats to which they tied themselves and were pulled through the breakers shortly after which the vessel was driven by a sea off the rock when she sunk to the bottom in about twelve to sixteen fathoms of water.

She was 110 tons burthen 66 tons register crew five in number, viz, Captain John Michael, a Welshman ; James Grant, Kilrush, mate ; Timothy Kelly, kilrush, Davy Davie and John Owens, Welshmen ,sailors.

During the night of the morning it blew a gale wind about south-east, it appeared they were keeping the land aboard, to encounter the gale at daylight while trying to put to sea the vessel misstayed and in attempting to wear her she ran upon this rock.

The Morning Chronicle London, Tuesday, December 31, 1844

Launch of the Lady Grace

On Tuesday Kilrush presented a scene of the most animating gaiety and interest on the occasion of the launch of the beautiful new schooner built by C.M. Vandeleur Esq of the best Irish Oak, the produce of his own estate, wrought by Kilrush tradesmen, all his own tenantry and the first vessel of so large a class ever built in Clare. Her model and finish are greatly admired and do great credit to the abilities of Mr Jas Langan, the superintendent of Naval Architect, who has given such a beautiful specimen of Irish Manufacture. The day was propitious and the announcement that the Lady Grace Vandeleur would arrive to launch, to give her own name to the destined wanderer over oceans attracted all the town and much of the country to the Patent Slip to witness the interesting ceremony about 3 o'clock.

Lady Grace and Mrs Colonel Vandeleur & c arrived and were received in a beautiful tent erected for the occasion, by Mr and Colonel Vandeleur, Captains Creagh and Studdert R.N. &c. Mr Vandeleur admirable Brass Band playing all the while, God save the Queen, Rule Britannia and other appropriate airs.

At 4 o'clock the shipwrights went to work in good earnest for the launch, but they were too much in earnest for having removed the braces that secured her to her berth at the stern and before preparations for the ceremonial on naming her were completed she glided of the stacks and most majestically entered her destined elements amidst the exhaulting shouts of the spectators happily without the slightest accident.

Clare Journal Thursday 9th December 1841


While transcribing text from news papers I always leave the text as it was in the original document, misspellings and all.
Slimehead above is Slyne Head Connemara
Immediatly above Slyne Head is Carrickarone, a group of rocks which dry at low tide I am assuming this is the area refered to "Carrigcumbe"
Erissmore = Errismore Connemara

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