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Total Records: 41
Name Nationality Location Date Lost
Adenwen   British  St.George's Channel  1917 
Ennistown   British  St.George's Channel  1917 
Providence   British  Barrels Rocks Co Waterford  1917 
Malmanger   Norway  County Cork  1917 
Alyssum   British  County Cork  1917 
Mignonette   British  County Cork  1917 
Warner   British  Loop Head Co Clare  1917 
Norwegian   British  Galley Head Co Cork  1917 
Folia   British  Ram Head Ardmore Co Waterford  1917 
Gracia   Spain  Co Cork  1917 
Westwick   British  Ringabella Bay Co Cork  1917 
Mabella   Norway  County Cork  1917 
Tritonia   British  Inish Tearaght Co Kerry   1917 
Barnsley   British  Inishtrahull County Donegal  1917 
Hugo Hamilton   Swedish  Bloody Foreland Co Donegal  1917 
California   British  Fastnet Rock Co Cork  1917 
Ghazee   British  Galley Head Co Cork  1917 
Wasdale   Norway  90 Miles SW of the Fastnet Rock  1917 
Eavestone   British  Fastnet Co Cork  1917 
Isle Of Arran   British  Off Shore Co Cork  1917 

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